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JeanPierre Thibaudeau: For me, to get only 210 shots from one charge is unacceptable for a camera of that price range. My old Elph SD870 gets close to 400 shots per charge. Not to mention my even older Fuji F30 at 590 shots per charge.
I bet you that if this G7X would have provided 400 shots per charge, the rating of DPR would have been 1 or 2 points higher than 77%. And that'd be pretty much understandable. My 2 cents worth.

By CIPA standards the SD870 is capable of 270 shots. That's 67,5 % of your experience. If the same ratio hold true for G7X you will get about 310 shots with it. So that's 0,5 to 1 points more?

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On article Canon PowerShot G7 X Review (457 comments in total)
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jkokich: Lotta Cons for a Silver award.

Sure, but many of them are hardly very significant to many. How many actually do continuous shooting or manual focus with these cameras? No 24 p video. So what, this is a still camera. I mean these are just features that shouldn¨t affect the score much.

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On article Canon PowerShot G7 X Review (457 comments in total)

I don´t get some of the comments.

The conclusion says:

- Excellent photo quality
- Fast lens with longer zoom range than competition

And if you look at the comparison pictures, it´s clear that canon is sharper than say LX100.

As for performance, battery life and such things, if these are good enough, then picture quality is the only thing that counts. Canon seems to have nailed with this one.

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On article Richard Franiec offers Canon PowerShot G7 X custom grip (111 comments in total)

I have actually held and tried this camera and in my opinion no extra grip is needed as the camera has a very useful thumb piece and the camera itself is heavy enough to be hold steady while shooting.

Besides I find that particular grip ugly but I can understand some don´t and many of course don´t even care what a camera looks like.

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7 x zoom is not a superzoom IMO, it´s just a zoom.

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