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racin06: I’m an experienced RC airplane and helicopter pilot/enthusiast. I want to clarify the legalities of performing aerial photography with multi-rotor RC helicopters (MRRCH)…I hate the term “drone.” There is no license required to fly a MRRCH as a hobby or for not-for-profit. Currently, it is only illegal if you are flying MRH commercially and/or for pay. Now, even though you may be conducting aerial photography as a hobby or for not-for-profit, there are still rules that must be followed to fly RC aircraft in a safe manner. I strongly encourage visiting the Academy of Model Aeronautics (, which is the sanctioning body for the RC aircraft hobby. These RC aircraft are not toys and command respect and proper training to learn to fly. Anyway, below is a rent video of my flying my electric-powered 87” Sbach 300 RC airplane. This is a fantastic hobby!

Are we to assume your info relates to the USA?
Please clarify or correct.

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Not sure his style meets your 'definition', but IMHO Jay Dusard does this superbly. To look at this

you might think he just lines 'em up outside the barn and shoots, but if I did that it would NOT look like Jay's work.

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Dan Tong: The Specs fail to include connectivity (hdmi, usb, plugin storage upgrade type and max capacity). These things need to be spelled out clearly including for example if hdmi port is standard or micro etc.

It is not difficult to collect this information -although in rare cases, sometimes manufacturers web sites, may to some extent hide this information. However, any reviewer who actually has hands on access simply needs to look at the product. Is the reader supposed to run around and waste time to collect this information?

I'm afraid this is the kind of inexcusable oversight that you see in the typical advertisements or specs on "know very little" print and web ads and catalogue pages.

Anyone who would like to upgrade storage, or would like to connect an dSLR or some other camera needs to know this information.

I would therefore downgrade these reviews, regardless of the rest of the review quality and thoroughness.


..."if hdmi port is standard or micro etc."

& if it does have an HDMI port - is that output, input or both. I just spent an hour trying to view my camcorder videos on a TF101 (for a more detailed review in the field). The reviews say that it has a HDMI port, so does the ASUS site, but none say it's Out only, which appears to be the case.

Of course nobody would expect a Tablet to act as a monitor (except me). Perhaps I can do that via USB.

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Timmie: Though I agree the limitation and the reason behind it is somewhat silly, I was wondering if there are actually people who run into this as a practical limitation?

I prefer stills but whenever I do shoot video I get nowhere near 30 mins a shot. I can't remember any feature films that have 30 min scenes in them either. Anybody out there want more than 30 mins?

"Just a moment, please, while the Operator changes reels".

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Why is this an Article (which will probably stay around for some considerable time) rather than news (which will be used to wrap Friday's Fish & Chips?

Have I missed the point of Articles?

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