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On article Hands-on with Ricoh's compact Pentax KP (638 comments in total)

It seems the world of photography is obsessed with the pentaprism shape, because in most cases there is no or much smaller pentaprism under the shape.

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A rangefinder style (x100 style or Leica Q style) MF camera would be really great (with 40 mm equivalent lens (55 mm ?).

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Very hard job that is. For eight years as a valet. No money would make me do it.

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Johannes Zander: What a disgrace! They give Canon one "N" more. Fore the sake of equivalence they should spell nikon like "Nikkon".
I will never read this weddingaling Magazine!

Those guys are nasty! Do not let them to weddings!

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DPR getting political in a sample gallery. Yield?

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About whining on pricing: MSRP is the theoretical maximum price, and tries to set a value perception. Therefore do not buy anything in the minute of announcement. Wait half a year. The TS lens is too expensive because the calculated sales volume is too little. For those who buy TS lenses it will worth the price anyways.

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On article Photokina 2016: Hands-on with Sony a99 II (430 comments in total)
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Mike FL: Regardless of the improvement sensor SNR, Sony Alpha lost 30% of the light which going to sensor right on the front.

Lost 30% of the light is all SONY Alpha about.

SLTs losing 1/3 EV due to the semitransparent mirror. Not good but not much either. Definitely not 30%!

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On article Photokina 2016: Canon EOS M5 quick look video (259 comments in total)

Please complain about Hasselblad X1D and Fujifilm GFX50S not having 4k video. They dont. How comes $10,000 plus camera not having 4k video? What a shame! DOA!

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On article Photokina 2016: Hands-on with Sony a99 II (430 comments in total)
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Amnon Duvdevany: A high-end Full-Frame body needs a reasonable line of lenses, especially the basics ones. Otherwise, it will be a waste (especially when there are alternatives).
It is also true regarding trying to attract past Minolta users - even if they kept some lenses, many of them are no longer up-to-date or even work properly.
Now its about time to have the "bread and butter" zoom lens of 24-105 back.
Without having this essential lens, selling the new camera will be almost like selling a new car with no rims and tires.
Maybe it is unreasonable to expect that Sony will invest in a full line of lenses for the A-mount, but the 24-105 is a must, and was forgotten after the Minolta (and K-M) days.
Sony, please, bring the 24-105 back.

Ok, not Sony, but if you consider Tamron VC primes and Sigma ART offerings the situation is not so bad. You may even have the 24-105 Art. Strange, Zeiss Milvus line does not offer A-mount.

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In the past the real tour de force was to build lenses with the least glass elements possible. There were normal and normal-tele lenses with 4, 5 and as a maximum 6 elements. Even the wide lenses were very good with max. 9 elements. If you check the old AI lenses you will find this. If you check the present day "magical" M-lenses you will find this (very few glass elements). I know I know the glass materials got much better, and the nanocoating is superb, but somehow I want to understand why does a 50 mm lens must have 13 elements (Sigma Art) and why this new 85mm ART lens consists of 14 elements?

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On article Modern Mirrorless: Canon EOS M5 Review (1651 comments in total)

Before the accusations: I am using Nikons exclusively. What do you get from Canon M5: well-established perceptions of reliability, good color rendition and quality. No nonsense traditional styling, smooth and easy to use user interface, including the well developed touch screen interface. These are generally the majority perceptions statistically. I hope M5 will be successful, because that will grow the mirrorless market and the acceptance of the concept. The pace of competition will change too.

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On article Petzval 58mm real-world samples (58 comments in total)

Very very smart set. Very artistic too.

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On article Updated: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV real-world sample gallery (480 comments in total)
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CeleryBeats: It reminds me how far sony has actually progressed with their sensor technology. And it's good to see canon Full frame finally reaches the level of my sony 6300 in terms of high iso noise performance.

Dynamic range not there yet though.

Are you sure?

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On article Canon EOS 5D Mark IV added to studio scene comparison (363 comments in total)

There is little difference between the FF sensors, or in other words the differences are not practical enough to make a purchase decision based on them. I am Nikonite so I say you can buy a grey market D810 AND a D750 for the price of one 5DMIV.

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On article Updated: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV real-world sample gallery (480 comments in total)

There are some very difficult lighting conditions shown here. I am not sure they all solved with the best capabilities of the camera. (WB, metering options, highlights-shadows). Altogether very nice Canon flavors, for those who favors.

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2156 comments in total)

I have the impression that Dual Pixel technology is still not fully exploited by Canon. Autofocus LV with -4EV capability, and with continuous tracking, the microadjustment, Bokeh "adjustment" capabilities, well, these are absolutely serious and glorious innovations. The system's limits are determined by the computing power of the camera, and by the software algorithms its processor uses. But still there must be a long way to go to improve the capabilities of Canon's Dual Pixel technology. This is the present state of the art. Use it, explore it. Enjoy it.

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On article Fujifilm X-E2S: What you need to know (85 comments in total)
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Alexis D: Are we going to get a "What you need to know" article after each camera review now?

If what's in this article is important enough to write about in a post-review article, shouldnt the information have been included in the review in the first place?

I also found this odd.

It is necessary to grow the whole photography market, as it is rapidly shrinking now. Any means important for the manufacturers/advertisers. An aid to informed decision making can be one of the tools.

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On article Fujifilm X-E2S: What you need to know (85 comments in total)

For me the good deal might be to buy the X-E2 without S. That's cheaper now, but the a6000 cost even less (not so hip though).

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Nuno Souto: When will the "dslr-only" folks wake up and understand the days of lugging around 15 pounds of equipment to take one photo or make a little video are over and done?

And no, you are NOT a "pro" because you use the same gear as some internet blogger!

Grow up, go outside and smell the flowers, it's really worth it.
Mirrorless is here to stay and is the future.

Let's see the weight of Nikon D750 and Sony A7RII with their respective 24-70 and 70-210 (200) F2.8 lenses:
Nikon D750 3443g 7.6 lbs
Sony A7RII 2990g 6.6 lbs
A similar Olympus sytem with OM-D E-M5 II and 12-40 and 40-150 lenses (F2.8):
1732g 3,8 lbs
Weight is more proportional to sensor size. But who wants FF may not want m43. Weight is not the most important parameter.

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On article Sony a7R II versus a7 II: Eight key differences (401 comments in total)
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noflashplease: Sony has an incredible 6 models in the A7 line, which creates a fair degree of marketing confusion, but really only needs one better rounded, well developed product. Sony needs to use a larger capacity batter, fix the menus, at dual SD card slots and get the ergonomics right. How about one well rounded camera body rather than a half dozen overlapping and increasingly expensive models? In short, we need an A7 III with a lower resolution version of the BSI sensor so we can have better high ISO performance and more reasonably sized RAW file for the sake of workflow. In short, Sony needs to consolidate the A7 line to just one do-it-all model per generation.

Looking back I consider A6000 as the first solid Sony mirrorless camera, and 6300 is a worthy improvement. The first solid A7 camera is the A7RII, at a definitely high price. A7SII is a pricey video camera (rigged up). Hopefully the next generation will be a really solid offer. Sony PR machine invested huge amounts to establish their mirrorless concept as a religion, and it worked for some, but tapering off with others. There are many good cameras now, and willingness to buy getting less robust. I expect less camera launches at high price points.

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