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peterwr: Post-Windows 10 and the Surface Pro, Microsoft is starting to look a whole lot more interesting than it used to.

Yes it is great to see Microsoft finally bringing out some interesting stuff, and pushing the boundaries. I still much prefer the Apple system (which works great for me, not saying it does for everyone), so any competition will drive Apple to make even better products than they have already. I can only imagine what the next iMac will be like - exciting!

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AKH: Image is absolutely fantastic and I may be completely wrong, but where is the keel of the boat, not to say the fishing net below the water?

You can't see under the boat because of the way things work with water. The whale is closer to the photographer than the boat is, and with the way water refracts light you can only see at a certain angle (here angling down). If things were flat and there was no refraction you would see the underneath of the boat beyond the whale

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Yes I am disappointed that they haven't got RAW support for Fuji X-10 yet. X-Pro 1 is newer, but I know it's more important to have RAW support.

They have it for X100, so why not X10? I know different sensors, but technology should be similar.


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