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miked58: I teach in a secondary school and do a lot of the AV requests such as preparing a promotional video in three days as lockdown levels prevents us having parents coming in. I may get called in to film sports events at minimal notice. In these situations you grab the fastest tool you can fire up in a hurry. Many of my videos are shot on ipads, phones as well as 4k cameras on tripods. If there is no time to set up then a phone is nearly as good as a camcorder or dslr, but better because it is on me. Many times a phone was the only camera to shoot with and in these situations anything is better than missing out. Students will also relish the features to produce better media. I teach in a poor rural school that even GPS devices seem to struggle with locating. We record pig hunting, fishing events, cultural groups with whatever we can. After years of using Android I plan to buy an iPhone 13 when available here.

Miked58. I like your sense of humour describing how rural a place can be. Too bad irony is not as universal as GPS.

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thielges: "(almost all the others involved in developing the early cameras seem largely motivated by their inability to draw and paint)"

And this is when the fuse was lit for the Modern Art movement that flourished in the early 20th century. As those who had no talent for painting or drawing perfected their photographic skills, skilled painters increasingly found their ability to capture reality falling short of photography,

If you can't compete with the photograph, then you must exceed it. As that fuse reached the payload, there was an explosion of expressionism, fauvism, surrealism, cubism, minimalism, and all manner of abstract art that for a while was not in the sights of photographers who were more focused on eating the lunches of portrait and landscape painters.

Another invention played an important role in the evolution of painting. The paint tube.

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On article DPReview TV: Best shooting positions (88 comments in total)

Thanks to Chris "Che" Nichols and Jordan was the nice intro.
English is not may native language so I will try to explain as best as I can.
When your are not using the OVF or EVF, you can use the strap around your neck, or your foot to stablize the camera. The tension on the strap will stabilize the camera.

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On article Sony a1 review (2595 comments in total)

No need to wait, Gold award, with congratulations from the jury

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Given how fast the market evolves there is no time to waste.
Probably the only solution to save jobs.
I hope a lot of workers can be relocated.

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What is better than almost perfect

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On average, removing a mirror cost a lot of money

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Don't buy it if you are not a pro. If you miss any shot everybody knows it's not the camera's fault. But it's probably already so.

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For the RF, they could use the EF protocol for AF. But for combining camera IS et OIS, they need the RF protocol.
Reverse engineering protocols takes time, I guess that's part of the reason they have 75% engineer working on software.

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KoolKool: blah blah blah...boring!
when curved sensor come true to life, wake me up!

Or a new line of NOT SO expensive optics to go with that curved sensor

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Cariboou: I don't think that with the update firmware they should fix a problem, because is a mechanical things, the camera isn't build well, may be the body is to little I don't know... But I think is a camera for Winter time... surely in the winter working better....

Winter is coming

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Can you tweak the configuration so that Roger answers appears in the "DPR staff" Tab.
Thank you.

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Good news

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My eyes and monitor are not good enough to spot differences with other cameras sharing the same sensor.

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zakk9: No meaningful differences at any ISO, and that includes the A7 III. Lenses, ergonomics and viewfinders will be deciding factors.

And you can always use EF lenses

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On article Canon EOS R5 vs. R6: What's the difference? (257 comments in total)

R6 20mp resoluton means that it will be less demanding on the lens resolution. Adapted EF lens will be just fine. That can also have a big impact on the budget.

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I wish it will come paked with an invisibility cloak. That will be great for wildlife photography.

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BigBen08: My wife told me if I buy any more camera gear, she is going to leave me. Gee, I sure will miss her.

My husband told me if I buy any more camera gear, he is going to leave me. Gee, I sure will miss him.

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On article DPReview TV: Canon EOS 90D review (206 comments in total)

Canon should add the possibility to use the removable EVF from the M6 mk II (only usable in liveview mode) on this camera.

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Does it support cr3 files

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