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madeinlisboa: Sony fanboys suddenly got silent....

it's not Sony's fault if fanboys do not Believe ;)

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Fly18: Call me when Sony knows how to implement touchscreen.
It's almost 2020 for goodness sake!
I don't have lots of cats and dogs in my landscape photos. Actually none.

if you are touching Sony's screen then your hand is snapped for bad manner. It is only for disabling.

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On a photo in the Sony a7R IV sample gallery sample gallery (6 comments in total)

disappointed to see 100% detail... what happened?

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arts and privilege fields are full of pervs... the metoo movement would destroy arts if so much of arts wasn't so intertwined with exploitation. It's a big turnoff of the arts and maybe why arts is dying so hard. People prostitute themselves and/or put up with it, or they don't. So arts enrollments in schools are down and talent and cash goes to Tech.
Turning away from arts to tech was such a relief for me.

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oh man, these lenses are way more than I want to spend!!! Good thing Sony's roadmap where photogs are replaced with Robot Dogs draws nigh.

Buy myself one of these $2 grand lenses like some kind of fiend... geez, not sure it's for my lifestyle...

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PostConsumerWat: Well, it makes sense that the complete established system would sell better. Is it such a cause for celebration and consternation?
Pass the Koolaid over here so I can properly dispose of grey water.

I guess I should try some Sony's but I am not convinced by the acerbic Sony fixation. In fact, the toxic elements of Sony fandom contradicts the value of Sony IMO. Would Sony equipment improve my photography? I do a lot of run and gun so maybe. But are we into photo because we enjoy run and gun, or run and fun? ;p What tool allows us to find our own way better?

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Well, it makes sense that the complete established system would sell better. Is it such a cause for celebration and consternation?
Pass the Koolaid over here so I can properly dispose of grey water.

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Reilly Diefenbach: A very good article. A lot more old people are going to have to die off before anything gets done.

maybe just people in general... the gridlock of competition, hustle-beats-skill, is ingrained. it's a big puzzle. lots of people do not understand basic nutrition and/or veganism. we are still cave people, or primitives at this point where we are not able to understand human issues such as addiction, mental illness.

so much conformity happening people forget how to dance, or play as they did when they were children. I will enjoy my privilege while I can.

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raphaelmatto: Kind of surprised to see "University Professor" on the list. I have a bunch of friends clawing towards vanishing tenure track jobs who would disagree with that.

administration costs climb... not sure how much professors are to blame for high tuition... despite the repugnance of personality cults

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UllerellU: The problem here is that professional photographer is not synonymous with good photographer. The professional photographer of the locality in which I work does a horrible job, easily surmountable by any amateur photographer with a little idea. It's not that I do not have an "artistic eye", it's technically bad, I've seen license photos with a burnt face. Obviously this type of professionals have no place. Another problem is the cameras that do it all, you could give an A7III to an "ape" and it will make you a portrait with the focus and the perfect exposure ... The skill is no longer necessary.... But calm, the best, the visionaries, those who are not copies of copies, can always make a living with this.

yeah, seems better to get by easy and enjoy life than struggle being against the grain. Might be the downfall of humanity that we don't want to constantly fight for our right.

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wowwed some folks with pics taken in nightclub environment with R, including myself. Looking forward to trying out this update.

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JanMatthys: is a firmware update coming to fix the sensors dynamic range?

the new firmware fixes phenomena related to bossy Sony fans...

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On article Canon EF-M 32mm F1.4 review (363 comments in total)
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FuhTeng: It's a nice parting gift as Canon lets EF-M die with the rise of RF. 8 lenses (including this which isn't even listed on the Canon site? Really?) over how many years? RF mount has more lenses that coming just this year. I feel bad for the EF-M users, the M50 and M5 looked like good cameras.

it is nice and compact for situations where compact size is more important. the small size is nice for travel... works out well for my use. I also have R. I can take more lenses with me when I have the M.

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On article Canon EF-M 32mm F1.4 review (363 comments in total)
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geepondy: As someone considering moving back into a system setup, I don't get it. Isn't your low light shooting experience going to be severely compromised by using a non image stabilized lens on a non image stabilized camera? Why doesn't Canon make these EF-M prime lens with IS?

I shot some nighttime portraits on a streetscape that turned out nice. Sometimes relying on image stabilization isn't as reliable from my experience. I have not run into situation with the lens that makes me wish it had stabilization.

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On article Canon EF-M 32mm F1.4 sample gallery (245 comments in total)

I have been impressed by this lens on my M5. it is satisfying to see the crispness relative to other lenses; consistent performer.

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On article Canon EF-M 32mm F1.4 sample gallery (245 comments in total)
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Kharan: I'm happy for EF-M users... but they shouldn't harbor false hopes regarding the system. This is a swan song, a last optical hurrah before Canon pulls the plug on it.

all of my EF-M system hopes and dreams all flushed down the drain by Kharan's Canon... so many happy goose honkings made me believe it would be a marvel of midsummer, a dream.. ;)

Link | Posted on Jan 2, 2019 at 22:25 UTC
On article Canon EOS R review (3227 comments in total)

it's pretty fabulous... what a Revelation to see through my EF full frame lenses on full frame mirrorless. Brings new life to my Tamron G1 lenses and the rest of them. After years of deal hunting and creating a collection of glass I am very pleased with this Eos R.

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nwcs: Sadly, this campaign will come to nothing. Showing off where you’ve been is as important as showing your selfie to many out there. I geotag for my personal archives but strip it out whenever I can on posting. Only way to reduce the problem is to start limiting access to public areas which would be sad for everyone.

I thought I was sharing enjoyable photos... but the Instagram thing may be where there is more of a phenom I guess.

There really is a lot of beauty in just about any place. It can be nice to cast a flattering light on a place that gets a reputation for being ugly.

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LessMirrored19: This aren't nano-updates.
Seems totally normal.

I see it a lot with computer hardware and software. Like, time to update, its downloading and then download hangs forever. What's wrong? They borked the updater or whatever. Or there is a new file marked with an old date to replace the bad update, covering up that their update was bad.

But camera firmware seems to be a different animal to a degree. They actually tell you whats up.... for now, so far, maybe...

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On article Canon EOS R review (3227 comments in total)
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bokehmon22: Canon does alot of things right compared to Sony: better EVF, ergonomic, native-like performance with EF lens, fully articulated LCD, dust cover sensor, control ring and ND filter adapter.

I wish they could add one or two of these: IBIS, dual card slot, better eyeAF, and a newer sensor. Hopefully EOS R Pro will remedy this.

was the power on/off dial just like a slap in the face, or is it something important to the durability?

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