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On photo Eastern Blizzard in the cold challenge (18 comments in total)

First time I've seen a deserving photo win. Great job!

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GHebert: There is a big difference betwen being a photograph and taking pictures. If you just want to take nice pictures while listening to your favorite music, you use your smart phone. But if you think you are a photograph or if you realy are one, you will use a DSLR or a decent ML body. Both devices are very good in the way you want to use them.

Stevo, you just got old and gave up. I'm gonna be a photograph when I grow up, I'm not going to give up on my dreams. You'll see, you'll all see. I'm gonna get out of this 8-bit town and hit the big time.

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Ranger 9: You asked "What's your favorite older lens to adapt to modern digital cameras?" and for me the answer is my old, banged-up, M-converted Canon 50mm f/0.95 -- obviously NOT what I would use in a quest for objectively-measurable sharpness! It's more of a choose-your-own-adventure lens... at full aperture it's aggressively strange (not at all "dreamy"), then it mellows gradually at slightly smaller apertures, and if an emergency comes up and you need to make a conventional-looking picture, you can stop it down to f/5.6 and it's just as crisp as any other early-'60s lens.

One drawback that probably would also apply to other "radical" lenses of the same era is that electronic aids such as focus peaking don't work very well -- subject edges aren't contrasty enough to "peak," and high magnification demands a lot of sawing back and forth. Something like the Fuji X-Pros' electronic split image is usually the best bet, unless you can afford a skookum digital rangefinder camera (which I can't...)

I am very curious what "aggressively strange," means here. I love the concept outside of photography and wondering how it translates! Sounds up my alley hah.

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