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MSch72: Scandalous behaviour of US polititians. Just accusations, no proof whatsoever.

The US are proven to spy on many countries - is there any government that tries to punish the US?

Yes, we dance based on leader of the "free" world, that has been spied on its own citizens for decades. Now when tide is turned it is all China and Russia's fault. While US invest in weapon systems, China (another "free" society) invest (and spy too) to technology. If EVERYONE is spying on EVERYONE I have no issue with China spying on me sitting on a toilet, when I know NSA is doing it already, it is one small world after all. Data is saved on servers somewhere in US wherever my telephone data is stored for decades. Facebook data is stored for 12 years on their servers. Google will allow to "pause" (next day gets turned on what a joke) location history, that is also stored for decades. They know for each day of your life did you walk drive of took public no escape in a free world.

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xPhoenix: At some point, this becomes unsustainable for them. They need to change their business model, instead of plowing ahead down the same road. They needed the Z bodies to do really well, but that's not happening.

The camera market is going steadily downhill while all these companies keep thinking ML will save it. I think that's a big mistake.

Instead of all these different companies making a ton of different models, maybe some of them should team up. It might be the only way to survive. Wouldn't it be great to have a universal mount, instead of being tied to Nikon or Canon? Really wish I could use my 500 PF on a Sony camera, or even a Canon body, if I felt like it.

Agree, I would like to see Nikon, Canon branded Leica branded ones.

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On a photo in the Astronaut Terry Virts: space photography sample gallery (1 comment in total)

Interestingly we still are getting 1 megapixel, down-sampled edited photos from space, even when shoot from 20 megapixel camera hand held by human. Way to go NASA. :-(

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Innovation payed off.

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On article Fujifilm X-T30 review (1095 comments in total)
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Sony_Northrup: My iphone shoots better photo than this overpriced piece of crap. Now watch the Fuji losers cry their rants on the comment section. Haha!

My 5 year old Samsung Note4 beats all Iphones hands down in any photo comparison.

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Charles2: From the press:
PicsArt has opened the PicsArt AI Lab in Moscow. The Lab will enable the company to further its leadership in AI and Machine Learning.
The new AI Lab team will work on enhancements of PicsArt’s existing AI-based features such as visual transformation, segmentation and classification of images, user behavior prediction and content recommendation.
“PicsArt is a fun, lightweight app that millions of people use every day. We have to invest in the serious tech behind it,” said Hovhannes Avoyan, PicsArt CEO and co-founder.
Founded by entrepreneur Hovhannes Avoyan, PicsArt is backed by Sequoia Capital and is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Los Angeles, Beijing and Yerevan, Armenia.

It's the Russians...Blame all failures to people that outsmart you, your country and your company.And I would be rather embarrassed then bang this on every media outlet.

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On a photo in the Astronaut Terry Virts: space photography sample gallery (1 comment in total)

So it is possible to CAPTURE stars after all, but from moon it is impossible?

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On article Lexar launches trio of ultra-compact SSD drives (95 comments in total)

Lexar, if I found it on a street in the box I would not pick it up.

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On article Sigma 60-600mm F4.5-6.3 Sport sample gallery (129 comments in total)
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beavertown: Sigma did it again, they are becoming the king of lens manufacturer, the 150 to 600 sports has no competitors.

Sarcasm again?

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On article Sigma 60-600mm F4.5-6.3 Sport sample gallery (129 comments in total)

Lots of vignetting in majority of shots.

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beavertown: Apple has been copying Samsung, strange.


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GodSpeaks: Making any device these days without a user replaceable battery should be illegal.

Here is story from Italy from a time when in telephones you could remove battery.CIA operatives were filling up black sites (illegal prisons)and kidnapping people around Europe just after 9/11.So stupids did not remove batteries and their actions were tracked by cellphone towers.That was later used as evidence when they were rounded up when Italian citizens complained...

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srados: Still using my Note4...5 years strong.

I have wall charger that cut of charging when fully charged.Extra battery is 15$ US dollars compared to 60-80$ if I want to change it in IPhone.(in Canada is 100$) I purchased one OEM battery that hold charge very well for the past 2.5 years.

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GodSpeaks: Making any device these days without a user replaceable battery should be illegal.

You can still get Note4 for under 300$.

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Still using my Note4...5 years strong.

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Imagine this, 3rd party lens manufacturer made and engineer 3rd party adapter for new system for their lens as well. At the day of release they used 4.023V That Can/Nik/Sony whatever, upgrade their software to 4.024V and that screw up your lens and adapter or just lens. But BRAVO for Sigma for reacting this fast and addressing the issue!

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On article Fujifilm XF10 sample gallery update (45 comments in total)
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torakawa: I find the images themselves to be extremely pleasing. So sad that the camera has AF and handling problems.

from below:


This is the greatest Fuji's flop EVER since the monumental Fuji X70 lemon.

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hawkeye4u: Love my NX1 but if you contacted their customer support a couple of times it could put you off from ever buying any camera again. I own and have owned many different camera brands and apart from losing a loved one talking to Samsung camera support people is the absolute worse experience anyone could have, which was a huge problem for buyers from the start. God help anyone if they have to get serious help, their camera reps are useless.

Would you support product that is not made anymore?

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srados: So idea is not to rescue, idea is to repair and re-sale items. If they are going to save them, hopefully they would be in museums to be preserved for future generations. Misleading a bit.

Number of future generations that want go and shoot film in not that high.

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Apple Fake- BoKeh.

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