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  • But what is stopping You from getting this one? If You have the budget for such a lens, I would argue that there is also money to get a dedicated Nikon body to go with it...

  • Novalaker, the OM-1 is almost ok, not lagging too far behind the competition, but it's not for me: I left FF all those years ago to go down in size.

    I expected that much more tech would trickle...

  • It would have been better to release nothing, than to release this. Yesterday we were still hoping that OM systems were taking the brand somewhere. Today we know they are holding an empty...

  • Nielk,

    "the correct exposure in that case is f2/1/125/ISO6400. That would be the same for FF, APS-C and M43, right?"

    Yes, all those settings will be right. But of course they will not result in...

  • If You think in terms of equivalence, it's unfair to compare image noise between different formats using the same ISO. Yes, we rightly bash people who believes that f4 on M43 behaves as f4 on FF,...

  • No, I am still using use the original OMD e-M5... I see no reason to go to medium format. Most M43-users don't understand that it isn't exposure (light gatrering per surface unit) that is...

  • Yes, the end for You. But not for the rest of us because we understand that neither image noise and depth of field will be the same.

  • Lotus cat.. You haven't understood the subject at all.

  • I'm not gonna point out that f2.8 is 5.6, but I AM going to point out that You are comparing apples and oranges. Why compare with a 24-70/2.8? Why not compare it to, say, the sony FE 24-70/4? It is...

  • Long time ago I was a FF Canon user, but a problem the Canon aftersales couldn't solve made me temporarily cameraless. As a remedy I bought the original E-M5 with a Pana-Leica 25/1.4, just to have...

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