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On article Article: How the iPhone changed my photography (105 comments in total)
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magneto shot: basically whatever was took with iphone could be 10x better if it was any compact, 50x 4/3rd and 100x slrs. A puny sensor is a puny sensor, no amount of cheap framing nor lomo effect can hide the low res image.
nothing to see here. Nokia has been making better phone cameras before iphone was designed, so what is this about?
Just polishing the popularity shoes.

"You just don't know how to use your EOS" is just an arrogant statement. There is no doubt the EOS has tremendous capabilities, but to ignore the poster's comment that his iPhone is always with him and allows him to take beautiful pictures. Eddy--how many beautiful pictures do you take when you leave your heavy camera at home. The poster's argument is valid--his iPhone takes decent quality pictures and is likely always to be at hand.

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On article Article: How the iPhone changed my photography (105 comments in total)
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Eddy M: Bunch of die hard iPhone fan boys here!

On DPR, most seem more concerned with promoting their favorite company than actually reviewing photo quality. iPhone 4S picture quality and capabilities already exceed the digital cameras of just a few years ago. Some results are amazing. Stop being fixated on 'what' took the picture and just look at the picture.

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Kenneth Margulies: Apple just integrates everything better. The products are elegant. Other products may catch up...someday. But for now, Steve Jobs has left an amazing legacy.

Yes, Apple has some quirks. But for most people, the Apple products work quite well, both individually and when integrated together rather seamlessly. I am sure SanDisk sells a couple of MP3 players for a price lower than Apple's iTouch, but there is a reason Apple does relatively well in the market place. In any event, the variety in the market benefits all consumers. My post merely points out that Steve Jobs has done something amazing and his products are elegant.

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On article How smartphones are changing digital photography (51 comments in total)

Love it. Over the years, I have heard: The only good photography is black&white; only film is real photography; auto-focus is for idiots--real photographers turn a lens; auto-exposure is for amateurs; blah, blah, blah.
Look where we were with the earliest digital cameras just a couple of decades ago. Look where digital is now. Look at the people opposed to cameras w/o dSLR mirrors, but look what Sony has done with the NEX series and what Nikon and Fuji are doing now.
The camera in a phone may never replace a dSLR, but given what has happened to other technologies, it may for most people....

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Apple just integrates everything better. The products are elegant. Other products may catch up...someday. But for now, Steve Jobs has left an amazing legacy.

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I hate Sony!!!--did you notice the purple fringing in that picture of a drink in the wine glass? Not just fringing, but purple bleeding everywhere!'s a glass of wine...
Seriously, I love these Canonikoniacs who push their noses against CRT monitors and pronounce their verdict on the picture samples.
How about waiting a bit until dpreview can review the pictures?
They got the originals and I trust that they will give the camera an objective review. Right now, you could substitute these shots for a lot of dSLRs and no one could identify the brand of lens or camera. In fact, I would bet that some dSLR shots could be switched for a decent P&S and no one here could guess which comes from what with any certainty.
So...let's all take a breath and stop being fan-boys and haters. The pros at dpreview will soon speak with authority on the picture quality, etc.

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PK24X36NOW: A lot of the usual BS here.

First, the equivocation of "what's popular in Japan" with "what will be popular in the rest of the world."

Next, the equivocation of the film-to-digital (or vinyl records to CDs) transition with the supposed "imminent replacement" of dSLRs with MIL cameras. Utter nonsense.

Oh, and the mother of all steaming piles - the assertion that MILs with mini sensors are going to challenge (ever) medium format for IQ! Sensors and "tech" can't outdo issues of optics and physics. Bigger formats will always have the advantage.

In order to replace dSLRs, MILs would actually have to be better than dSLRs. MILs are worse in many ways, like EVF that sucks compared to OVF (always will, all the "tech" in the world notwithstanding), worse battery life (always will be, since the EVF will need to consume battery power, unlike an OVF), worse handling, especially if larger format sensors are introduced (think soup can mounted on cigarette pack), second rate AF, ad nauseum.

What you cite as ridiculous equivocations (film to digital/vinyl to records, and might I add books to e-books) are historical examples of luddites predicting that technology would never change. The most popular camera brand on Flickr is now the iPhone 4. Kids today, who will be the pros of tomorrow, are not hooked on DSLRs. Not up to your standards, perhaps, but you may find yourself with your huge DSLR sitting in a vinyl record shop complaining how you miss the warm sound of stereos that used vacuum tubes, the colors of video tape, and the instant gratification of Polariods...perhaps as soon as within 10 years. : )

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It's funny how many people are defensive about Canon not having a quality mirrorless product out yet, and therefore need to rip the Sony NEX or other mirrorless product. I am sure Canon will put out a quality mirrorless camera someday, but I am also sure they would rather not. Honestly, Canon is afraid of cannibalizing their own DSLR sales, but if the market is there, they will make a product. But Canon had better hurry. Just look at Kodak to see a company afraid to fully develop a product (digital) in order to protect established sales (film). Or Polariod. Or any tablet maker besides Apple -- they are all playing catch up to this day. Sony, Panasonic and Minolta obviously do not dominate the DSLR market and was therefore more amenable to putting out something new and exciting.

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On article Sony NEX-7 high-end APS-C mirrorless camera first look (352 comments in total)

Elegant. Bravo! Apple pushes technology in smart-phones and Sony in cool cameras. If the DPREVIEW judges the Nex 7 as positive as the specs indicate, then I will take the plunge. I am also waiting for the iPhone 5 release before the end of the year. It's going to be a fun time technology-wise!

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