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In news media, and lots of other careers, it's the same. Freelancers and amateurs are judged good enough, and in many cases, that is correct. Interestingly, the publishing of hardcopy magazines is also an increasingly lean industry. People are moving on-line. That is the new medium. I wonder whether Sports Illustrated and traditional news media will successfully adapt...

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On article Review: Nokia 808 PureView (347 comments in total)

iPhone 5 comes out later this year. The 8MP camera now is impressive, but I am curious how the updated model will compare to this and other phone/cameras. Decent pictures, amazing apps (iPhone has lots), and ease of use. I doubt basic P&S cameras will last much longer.

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I have the new iPad and the display is amazing. The iPad II's display was state of the art, but next to the new iPad's retina display, it looks fuzzy.. The new iPad gets 10 hours to a charge and is great with quick photo editing with iPhoto and other photo apps.

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On article Sony announces NEX-FS700 '4k-ready' E-mount camcorder (231 comments in total)

Has Sony's video imaging technology surpassed all other brands? Their cameras, both mirrorless and translucent mirror, broke new ground in quality. HDR and panoramic modes surpass the others. NEX in high quality small sized cameras. 24MP in cameras under $1000, with outstanding results, per DPReview. Bravo for Sony. May the competition feel the heat and try to catch up!

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Elegant. Beautiful. With the Retina display, this is the one I am buying for me. My daughter has the 2. Can't wait to explore all the apps!

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The point & shoot is dead. This is more proof. The number one camera used on Flickr is the iPhone 4. Camera apps and quality keep getting better.

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On article Kodak to stop making digital cameras (141 comments in total)

buh-bye. it was a slow suicide. any camera manufacturer who does not innovate and go higher in quality is finished. today's point and shoot camera for the masses is the iPhone.

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HDR is fine. I think there should be a warning when a picture is published in 2D as opposed to the more natural 3D. :)

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The fact is that it is hard to be a professional photographer in today's world. Most people have relatives or friends who are pretty decent amateur photographers with semi-pro equipment. With photoshop and digital cameras allowing for unlimited shooting and editing, fewer people are willing to pay a high-priced professional. Even news photographers are suffering with the proliferation of iPhones, etc. News organizations used to send photographers to trouble spots, but now the pictures and videos come from iPhones. It's become a tough business, and many who enter may survive, but are unlikely to thrive.

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On article King Camera v2.5 - iOS App Review (33 comments in total)

Thanks for the review. I think interest in such reviews will grow especially given the iPhone 4S's now decent 8 MP camera. With the iPhone 5's rumored upcoming release, along with the iPad 3 and its (again) rumored camera upgrade, I think an increasing number of people will find the reviews valuable. I would only suggest DPREVIEW get the word out to Apple customers that you are doing unbiased reviews of iPhone photography apps.

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On article Mirrorless Roundup 2011 (426 comments in total)
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CalBear: Please help me select a mirrorless camera (or DSLR or high-end P&S).

I've assiduously read this article and the reviews on dp review and still am confused about the best choice for me.

I want to move up from an ancient P&S, a Minolta Dimage XG. It had an OV and was light but also had many problems.

Here are my parameters:
- My primary, although not exclusive, need is to take pictures while hiking trails like Mt. Whitney or Mt. Rainier. So I need to take both vista shots (wide angle) and close ups (zoom) if a bear or moose comes by.
- One lens is desirable on the trail because I tend to keep moving, especially if there is a guide.
- The camera must be very light because the trails can be steep.
- I need an OV because I wear distance glasses and the display screen is hard to see unless I remove my glasses.
- Pocked size and one-handed size is optimal.
- Fast AF and minimal lag is need for ocean or other action shots.
- Activity in cold environments is desired.

Thanks for your help.

Depending on what you wish to spend, the NEX line is very good, with NEX-7 at the top end. Sony also has one of the best panoramic modes--sweep shooting with in-camera auto-stitching. NEX also has 3D capability.

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On article Just posted: Our Sony NEX-7 in-depth review (338 comments in total)

NEX 7 sets the standard, at least until another great camera comes out.
I know some folks wedded to Nikon and Canon cannot accept that Sony is setting the pace for mirrorless cameras, but I say this new competition will spur further advancements in image quality and small size.
I also enjoy that many great pictures are being taken with the iPhone 4S and the number one "camera" on Flickr is now the iPhone 4.
This is a revolutionary time in photography. Enjoy!

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On article Just posted: Our Sony NEX-7 in-depth review (338 comments in total)

Bravo!!! A home run for Sony. Waiting for Amazon to email me that the Nex 7 is available for sale. Love or hate Sony and their cameras, Sony is to be commended for raising the bar.
Sony, and indeed all camera manufacturers, need to follow Apple's lead and simplify the user interface. Too many cameras are still working off 35 mm SLR film camera design, though the NEX 7 breaks new ground and Sony deserves kudos for the dial system developed for the camera. Perhaps cameras should be designed more like an iPhone or iPad's controls...perhaps voice control as the iPhone is controlled by the Siri voice interaction??? Who knows how we will be recording images in 20 years???

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On photo Structural Engineer in the Web campaign: Young professional challenge (4 comments in total)

Love that it was taken with an iPhone!!!

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On article Sony confirms resumption of SLT and NEX manufacture (45 comments in total)

Amazing! Cannot wait to see the NEX-7 review. Once it gets DPREVIEW's blessing (I hope), I will order on Amazon.
Bravo to Sony for the hard work to get production up and running.
How sweet it is!!!!

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On article Lytro announces Light Field Camera (269 comments in total)

I see a lot of negative comments, and am disappointed that people who like photography would not be supportive of a totally new way to take pictures. This is a new technology that is still first generation. Isn't the potential of this technology of interest to anyone? It's like film photographers, when looking at early digital cameras, saying that the digital technology is just for gadget freaks. This is cool and it could have a decent future...

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On article Lytro camera overview and discussion with CEO Ren Ng (101 comments in total)

Very interesting. I am encouraged that there is a company pursuing photography in a different way. I would think most people who like photography would be supportive, for although the technology is still new, it seems to hold significant potential.

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Pogue essentially says the iPhone is magic....

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fastlass: dpreview admins:

is there a button that hides all posts themed:
users bombastically offended by democratization of photography

if not, that would be a handy feature! thx.

And let's not elevate every moron with a dSLR to that of "defender of the photographic art." I bet a lot more cool pictures will be taken by iPhones than by all those dopes who spent tons of cash on high end equipment that usually sits in a closet.

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On article How the iPhone changed my photography (104 comments in total)

Cool shots...iPhone is always with you. I can't wait for the 4S as the iPhone 4S camera is much improved over the iPhone 4.
To those who hate iPhone, I would ask how many perfect pictures can you take when your dSLR is at home?
My advice is to enjoy both worlds! dSLR (or more compact Sony NEX 7) when you want quality, iPhone for unexpected photo ops at any time when you need a decent picture or HD video.

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