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tkpenalty: I wonder what is with the biggotry on dpreview. I thought that there would be better here. A lot of the comments here seem like they're from photographers who are scared of seeing their profession 'die out'.

And they must be incredibly short sighted to see "no application exists". Imagine, you take 64 photos from the same perspective, at different settings from one camera in one snap. That'd let you choose after the shot; that'd make a camera a ridiculously powerful tool.

I think they're the same people who see photography as its own sacred art form in which much bravado is thrown around.

I'm with you tk. I think any group of people whom are skilled in a specialized discipline (such as photography) are inherently fearful of technology stripping them of their ranks. Those that have spent the majority of their lives working hard to become ranked professionals in their respective field will always react with gall to new technology that effectively nullifies all of their effort. I recall when Apple overhauled Final Cut Pro, causing an enormous revolt amongst film professionals - mainly because the software made it 'easy' for pretty much anyone to make professional grade productions and Apple removed some of the older functionality that is obsolete. They have simmered down now, but it is a good example of the same type of phenomenon. I'm not saying that Lytro will change things anytime soon, but as they improve the technology, it indeed will cause radical change in photography - for the better.

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