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theBitterFig: Great additions to the RF lineup. A budget kit of the 16mm, 50mm, and 100-400 would go a long way.

If these two new ones are similar to the 50 (mediocre corners until well stopped down, but respectable center sharpness), that makes the R-system a lot more tempting. Affordable wide and tele lenses (600 and 800 are too niche) were the two big gaps in the system.

Niche maybe but the RF 800mm is a lot of fun to use. Love the results using it with my R5. Sure it has compromises, but a great addition to my kit.

I have pre-ordered the 100-400mm mainly to have as a lightweight option. At $649 the lens is worth a tryout.

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Necip: What a joke they say the lens is compatible with the RF converters. Actually UK prices for an RF 1.4x from a typical UK cam store Jessops is £559 which is $773 for a 1.4x!!! considering the lens price in US is $649 makes a mockery of the pricing. So we pay way more for just a converter than you pay for a lens..

The 1.4x RF TC is $450 in the US. Expense but I hear it is really nice.

What is the UK price for the new 100-400mm?

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Suhas Sudhakar Kulkarni: The 100-400 mm lens looks nice and compact. Now waiting for aps-c body! Hope Canon introduces one soon

Strange I have not seen any of your image tests with the lens.

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the better twin: £700 for an f/8 max aperture is pretty steep. Seems like Canon is subsidising cheaper headline USD prices at the expense of the rest of the world.

Yes, but I believe the UK requires a 2 year warranty. Government mandates are not free. Companies will pass the cost on to the consumer.

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Suhas Sudhakar Kulkarni: The 100-400 mm lens looks nice and compact. Now waiting for aps-c body! Hope Canon introduces one soon

Guys feeding Sony Viral Marketers just encourages them. Some people need to keep justifying their purchases. I am sure he knows the truth but prefers to post FUD.

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azinheira: Before I moved from Fuji to Sony I was thinking to go to Canon again but what is Canon thinking on the RF mount?

Now all long lens f8 and F11 f16 soon??

They lost the game on the mirrorless system and all lens very expensive and glass they put on the lens not impressive for the prices they charge

Canon has RF 600mm f4 and a 400mm f2.8. Seem pretty fast to me.

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Sabud: Ordered the EF100-400/4.5-5.6L ISII USM yesterday for my R5. I believe the IQ is better and the build quality far superior. And a RF100-500L will cost 2 times what I have payed. Have I made a msstake??

Did you buy it used? From what I can see the lens is only $400 less than the RF 100-500. Don't get me wrong I am a big fan of the 100-400 L II.

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On article Hands-on with the Canon RF 14-35mm F4 L IS USM (385 comments in total)
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jae k: Engineering wise this lens is unrivaled. A lens that goes 14mm on the wide end but still retains a front filter + IS and all the "L" goodies.

Still far too expensive. I love the RF glass but unless Canon starts releasing cheaper lenses or 3rd party manufactures reverse engineer the mount. My hobbyist wallet might have to look elsewhere.

I agree. Canon needs an R7 with a crop sensor to keep the xxD users as Canon users who want to go mirrorless. Right now a R7 would be mostly pointless if the only RF lenses are so expensive, and many are unavailable. Canon really needs to publish the RF mount to allow 3rd party lens manufacturers to produce lenses.

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On article Hands-on with the Canon RF 14-35mm F4 L IS USM (385 comments in total)
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The Fat Fish: Excellent lens but costing £1000 more than the already great EF 16-35mm F/4.0 L IS USM is a stretch too far.

I was planning on buying the 14-35 and instead bought a a nice used 16-35 4L IS for around 1/3rd of the cost. I might some day get the 14-35 but right now I am loving the 16-35 4L on my R5.

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Franz Weber: Ok, there is a story behind all this that only very few people know:

15 years ago the CEOs of all camera companies had a confidential meeting:
CEO A: “Our shareholdes get whealthier and wealthier every year, what can we do to stop this severe capitalism?“
CEO B: “We could add certain constraints to our cameras in order to help the upcoming cell phone industry. I have purchased some Apple and Samsung stocks myself lately“
CEO C: “Great idea, so have I! So we could focus on overheating cameras with small uncomfortable grips!“
CEO D “… and we will bring out cameras with contrast autofocus only. Year after year!“
CEO A “We could specialize in sensors with low dynamic range and marginal updates to the each iteration of the camera bodies. That will drive the enthusiasts bonkers! “
CEO B “We will focus on 1 inch interchangeable lens cameras“
CEO O: “What about expensive pro cameras with large and heavy bodies that sport 2x crop sensors only?“
All: “Genius!“

Love all the m43rds and previous 43rds user conspiracy theories! Keep them up. The Open Talk forum makes most of us have a good laugh.

Glad my camera choice is not a religion that requires me to proselytize for new users.

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Kenneth Almquist: The video notes that the EOS R5 autofocus system is only partially functional when used with an f/11 lens (only focus points near the center work), but doesn't say what happens with other camera models.

One would think that Canon would document the compatibility of their cameras with f/11 lenses, but apparently not. I checked the R5 specification on the canon web site. It didn't say anything to indicate that the not all of the focus points are usable when you have an f/11 lens. I skimmed the manual and didn't spot any mention of the issue there, either. So I looked at the specifications for the lens to see if it had any notes about camera compatibility. It didn't.

Since a major appeal of this lens is price, I doubt that many users are going to be pairing it with an R5. The lack of information about compatibility with other Canon models seems like a big omission.

I have my 800mm paired with an R5 and I find the combo great. The R5 AF is great with the lens. I like the size and weight is great.

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On article Canon RF 600mm F11 IS STM sample gallery (DPReview TV) (45 comments in total)
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(unknown member): To see what this lens can really do check out the Canon forums.
There are a few posters there who make this lens really shine.

I think it is the perfect beginners wildlife lens. It can’t be beat for the price, and the size and weight make it easy to travel and hike with.

Ok, seems a strange place for the discussion. Have fun guys.

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On article Canon RF 600mm F11 IS STM sample gallery (DPReview TV) (45 comments in total)
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(unknown member): To see what this lens can really do check out the Canon forums.
There are a few posters there who make this lens really shine.

I think it is the perfect beginners wildlife lens. It can’t be beat for the price, and the size and weight make it easy to travel and hike with.

What ASP-C camera are you going to use the Canon RF 600mm f11?

This whole discussion seems mute to me.

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We should have a poll on who can guess the closest to the final auction price. My guess is $205,000.

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On article Fujifilm GFX 100S review (936 comments in total)
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ThePhenom: Fujifilm with his GFX is creating a small revolution in the world of photography. Anyone who has been fond of photography for a long time remembers perfectly those situations when you rejoice like a child when you see a camera that changes the course of the game - this was the case with 5d mark 2, nikon d850 and now Fuji with its GFX system, which sets a new bar for picture quality. A very clever move that simultaneously affects both the full frame segment and modular cameras with backdrops - bravo, Fuji!

I agree. I think this camera looks great. If I was still doing a lot of studio and portrait work I would seriously consider the camera. While not what I need today, I still see this as a great option for several key use cases. Very happy with seeing new cameras pushing the boundaries forward.

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sirkhann: The way I get the verdict at end - Fuji were once again able to made everyone who bought the original GFX 100 feel like a fool, except with the single cyclops with boulder sized hands, who does need the extra grip.

I believe most people, who bough at launch price GFX 50S, X-T100, X-H1, X-T3, X100F, GFX 100, have the same though crossing their mind: "I should have waited".

Unfortunately, when you save up to buy your dreamed-up Fujifilm camera, several months later there's always a new release that is a "game-changer", devaluating your new acquisition.

Yup, it's Kaizen and you are paying the bill!

I guess by this logic I should not have bought my Canon 10D in Spring of 2003 for $1,500. If I had waited I could buy it today for probably $50.

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On article Ricoh's Pentax K-3 III 26MP DSLR is finally here (346 comments in total)
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RolliPoli: Great article, but the real fun will be seeing the 'informed' opinions of all the trolls who have never touched a Pentax camera.
I'm getting comfortable and settling in to read a long work of fiction.

I have not read a single troll comment. Just comments about the price and weight and sensor size. All comments are on point to many of us. No one is trying to bait people, nust expressing their thoughts on a public forum.

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chadley_chad: And queue all the idiots who think these smart phones can deliver better results than 1”, APSC and Full Frame sensor camera’s!

Who says that? I don't know anyone who thinks a cell phone will take pictures better than a DSLR.

What I do know after taking pictures for almost 50 years is the camera with you takes a lot better pictures than the one sitting in your closet. For those quick family fun moments I use my phone and I am happy with the results. No more eye rolling from my family getting my big camera out and setup.

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skanter: Too small and fiddly with no grip - what a waste of all that technology - just to say it fits in a pocket.

Totally disagree. Many great bigger cameras. For a camera is either pocket size or size does not matter. I love my mkIii. Fits great in my pocket with the Sony leather case. The small cover add little to the size and makes the camera easy to hold. The camera fits easily in my jeans pocket.

If a camera does not fit in my pocket, then I might as well grab my FF DSLR.

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HRC2016: It sounds like the company copied/pasted from a chamber of commerce website.
Too bad they couldn't compete in California. I wonder if Utahns are subsidizing this move?
I don't use their products.

I doubt it, I just moved here 1.5 years ago. The Utah unemployment rate is 3.3% state wide. In places like Lehi it is lower. Just about every building here has a help wanted sign, not just fast food - even office buildings. My daughter was picky about where she applied for a part time job, walked in to a store asked about a job and they had her start the next day.

From what I read, the state and local governments will offer some incentives to big companies, but most of the companies moving in get no incentives. Lehi is growing very fast - the land off the highway is full of office buildings and new ones are being built all the time. Right now I would guess 5-6 large office building are currently under construction just in Lehi.

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