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  • Viveza is more convenient as plug-in for Photoshop. It is light and I use it with a keyboard shortcut. It is way more convenient to work with JPEG files instead of to open it in PhotoLab and ...
  • Fair question. I shot both, sometimes raw,  sometimes JPEG. Regards.
  • I am a step back you: I also have PhotoLab 3 + Viewpoint 3 + Filmpack 5, but I am using Google Nik Collection, yet. Actually I effectively use only Viveza 2 I paid a good money previously to Google ...
  • Replied in DxO
    I am DxO user since its version 3. Every version presented some improvement on the previous one except the cursed version 5. I have used it to develop raw files from my Nikon D100, D200, D300S, ...
  • Problem solved. Most electronic screens can show problems when viewer is using polarized glasses. Regards.
  • Since 2002 I use isopropanol 99.8% as it is locally available for electronics cleaning. No prob at all. I cleaned my D100, D200, D300s and D810. For some inexplicable reason D810 demands much less ...
  • IMO a number of people lost the point of the article.

    It is not if film is better than digital or even if Photography is a legit hobby. It is not directed for well seasoned Photographers also,...

  • Replied in I feel your pain
    1) In the past I postponed new camera purchase because both Adobe and DxO, my providers for raw files, did not provided compatibility with new camera. I waited for a few months and I purchased de ...
  • Although all generalization is usually wrong, I dare to simplify the reason you will not see a deep sales for high end Photographic equipment: the people usually purchase them have either ...
  • Replied in 35
    For a single "jack" lens I prefer 35mm. Actually my first (film) camera onn1980s had a fixed 35mm lens and I used it for all kind of photography... Regards,
  • Life is too short. If you like LR and is comfortable with it, go to it. Personally I prefer DxO although I am an Adobe subscriber with an unused LR license as I am interested only in Photoshop ...
  • Replied in UV lamp
    What about UV light? It will kill almost any pathogenic without destroy your keyboard. I do not experience that but it looks to work. All the  best,
  • Exactly my own experience and practice. Thanks, no variable ND for me. All the  best
  • Replied in Older
    I went to digital only with Kodak DC260 on 1998. Followed by Nikon D100 on 2002. Followed by Nikon D200, D300S and D810. I updated because each camera was better than its predecessor... or, each ...
  • Replied in Perfect!
    When I read the original post I though exactly that one you wrote above... specially the part "ME, ME, ME and now". Happily I spent some time reading answers and found yours. It saved me to write ...
  • I think it is an interesting and recurrent question. The bottom line is it not make much of a difference. It will depend from your taste for colors and details, your skills both with image ...
  • Replied in No.
    I love music... but I do not feel comfortable to mix it with my activities. Please, no music if I am studying. No music if I am in my woodworking shop. No music if I am concentrating on anything. ...
  • Make the dual question: why not? People pays for it at that price level... Regards,
  • Canon "color science"? LOL...
  • Although I do not think I would go to a such high capacity in the present technology I also prefer simple dockstations and bare disks. My personal experience is such convenient data box are less...

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