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    Love this analogy..  A Geo Metro will get me from point a to point b..  A Lamborghini will achieve the same result, but maybe faster and in better style.  However, weigh in the cost of an oil ...
  • I think you've done quite well considering this is a difficult composition, and I'm unsure of what it was you might have envisioned in the finished product.  Shooting in the evening, the ...
  • As sabrina81 mentioned, working with the RAW images is your best option.  Again, I don't know Lr and it's capabilities, but RAW provides a great deal of latitude with exposure. Scott
  • Assuming your goal might be something along the lines of High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing.  If so, bracket while shooting; 3, 5, or 7 frames, with at least 1/3 stop, I typically shoot 5, at 2/3 ...
  • Mark,  If you have a use for vector based software as well as raster, a bundled delivery might not be a poor choice.  I'd consider it myself.  I've a CS5 licensed copy of Adobe Illustrator, that ...
  • Really appreciate this link!  It's an excellent collection of tutorials, tricks, & tips for using Affinity Photo. Scott
  • Waiting for optimal light isn't always an option..  Doing so, in my opinion, will result in a lot of lost opportunities.  As others have pointed out, exposure can be corrected in post.  Why lose ...
  • Right back to you, Toermalign, and everyone on this forum. A Very Happy New to everyone!!! Scott
  • As always Ray, excellent!  I wouldn't know the difficultly involved in 'painting' mittens on her hands, might be a nice touch.  Very well done -- Scott
  • As you might have noted by my gear list, I'm "seriously stuck in the past", with a D3..  I'll leave that up to the more serious. Scott
  • Bleeding edge technology is a risk while using unsupported software.  Quite frankly, I'm surprised that Aperture works with High Sierra. Though, I'm not surprised that the D850 RAW format isn't ...
  • Heard Lr v9.0 was scheduled for release as GA in 2028..  Must've gotten your hands on the Alpha version. Scott
  • And a complete reengineering of the airframe, aerodynamics, mission, and era...  Please, share your choice of editing software -- I seem to be lacking those tools.  ;) Scott
  • Scott
  • Scott
  • Lovely work!!!  Guselli Palace?  ;-) Happiest of Holidays to you and yours.. Scott
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    Placed 6th in the challenge.
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    My effort was minimal, white balance, curves, some sharpening, as I recall. Inpainting to remove some skin blemishes and added a bit of catch light in the subject's right eye.  All pretty much ...
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    GCam..  Yes, the original was about 43kb.  I have no idea what Win10 and the upgrade, did to your saved files.  I can't imagine that an OS upgrade would have compromised an external drive.  At ...
  • Don, I suggest you let it go and move on.  You asked, "who has trialed affinaty".  I have.  I haven't "trailed it", I bought it.  I've "trailed" the beta versions.  I found Affinity Photo as ...
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