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Why complain over its price - it's a f/1.2 lens. I've never seen a cheap lens being that fast, regardless of brand, focal length or sensor/film format.

The development of such a lens is a strong commitment of Nikon to its "1" system. This makes me hope that we will see higher specced, more enthusiast-oriented camera bodies in future. With a few tweaks in the user interface and sensor quality this system might sit right in the sweet spot between mobility and overall photographic usefulness - at least for a wide range of applications.

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Nice collection of sample photos. The camera, nevertheless is a niche product in my eyes. Surely a useful tool for unobstrusive foto reportage. Its price point is clearly aimed to the professional market. You will get most of what you can get out of a Sony RX-1 for less than half of its price (assuming the advantage of a 24 MP sensor is not too often visible in handheld reportage photos and most real world pictures are not taken at the high ISO limit). Don't know if this enough for economical success.

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(unknown member): I like the idea of EM5 5-axis IBIS and f1.2 (with the DOF of f2.4 on FF). That means you can slow the shutter, keep ISO down, and still get enough stuff in focus. Lots of creative possibilities!

I think SLOtographer means he can get the light gathering of f 1.2 (resultung in faster shutter speeds) and the DOF of f 2.4 compared to an equivalent lens on FF. This indeed might be a slight advantage in shooting moving objects (more tolerance to less than perfect focus) compared to a 85mm f1.2 on FF. I doubt however, that this a real advantage for creative photography.With M4/3 you loose more on the side of selective focus and background blur.

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Obviously a really huge bag. Designed to carry the future f 1:1.2 18-200mm FX lens on a D700.

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If Nikon has any plans to deploy this patent I can only imagine a totally new camera, lets call it "DF7". A camera that can be used alternatively with film or the digital back. In this case it wouldn't be a problem to provide sufficient space for the sensor+sensor circuit board as like as the necessary connections between shutter and electronics. Even an ISO dial usable for film and digital would become possible. I don't think it its planned to provide a digital solution for old film SLRs. But is there a real market for such a hybrid ?

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I really don't understand why camara makers build in such an aggressive noise reduction in their JPEG engine at this camera level. Yes - the low noise looks impressive, but one of the main reasons to buy a modern FF camrea is their high resolution and mainteined image quality at high ISO. I hope NR will have enough customisation settings in the final version - at least for those who don't shoot everything RAW. I must admit that I like the convenience of out-of-camera JPEGs and make use of it while shooting in less critical light situations.

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It's not all wrong with soldered electrical connections. They may be more difficult to repair but they are mechanically much more stable than plugged connections. A plus for device like a camera that should survive bumps and vibrations.

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