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Mark Eberts: tip:
Do not buy anything else.


Buy nothing you don't need right now - instead go shoot lots of pictures. You soon discover what you need over and above what you already have, and it's often... nothing but lots more practice and experience :-)

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On article Google Pixel XL camera review (181 comments in total)
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Samuel Jessop: Having had the Nexus 4 and currently Nexus 5, I'd been waiting eagerly for this to launch. The pricing is impossible to justify however, at up to £819 for the 128GB XL.

I'm now faced with a difficult decision:
1. Buy a OnePlus 3T and make do with a camera which is a step down from my Nexus 5. Sobering that the 3T and a Ricoh GR is a similar price to the XL.

2. Buy a Galaxy S7, which has an excellent camera, is more weatherproof than the Pixel, and has impressive build quality. However using TouchWiz is annoying and I want lighter, cleaner stock android, plus ideally 64GB or more on board storage. It also has OIS which is welcome.

If I was pushed I'd get the 3T, but for now I need to wait for either the price gouging to calm down or for someone like OnePlus to use a better camera module.

Touchwiz is easy to forget. I'm typing this on a nice Samsung Tab S2 and for all practical purposes the OS feels just like my phone, a Nexus 5. Both have 6.01 and both use the excellent Nova launcher (I don't like the Google launcher either).

Don't be put off by the default Samsung (or Google) stuff, Android is really easy to adapt to your own personal preferences.

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Tom Conte: Electronic, not "Electric" parts.

Not all electronic devices are silicon based or even solid-state for that matter.

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Aaron C Greenman: Reasons to reconsider:

There will be a Sony RX-100 VI in three months.


Then dpr will probably list all six rx100 iterations in its annual roundup next year. Sony bias and lack of impartiality is becoming increasingly obvious unfortunately.

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On photo Droplets on Dublin's Street in the Your City - Dark and Gloomy challenge (7 comments in total)

Lovely capture. Well done.

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On article Spoilt for choice: which Sony RX100 is right for you? (302 comments in total)
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steelhead3: I love the use of archaic English verbiage.... it makes it sound important

Such a us-centric comment; non-American flavours of English are simply different, not archaic.

I tend to use "spoiled" always, but "spoilt" also looks fine to me too - but then again I also spell "flavours" with a "u"... ;-)

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On article DPReview Asks: What was your first camera? (764 comments in total)

Mine was caled a VP Twin and cost 2/6 (£0.125) from Woolworths in 1955. There's one for sale on ebay:

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Interesting and unusual take of Ribblehead Viaduct, I like it. Actually I like most of them :-)

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fmulta: Adobe, rip off that highlight recovery masking tool!


I use Lightroom 5.7 (hardly new!) yet it allows highlight recovery globally or using various masks including freehand brushed areas.

The "rip of" is if anything the other way.

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John Bean (UK): "the cathode (positive) and anode (negative) electrodes"

Hmm, positive electrons ;-)

Uh oh - I've been spotted...

Hi Jack and no, you won't find me in a DPR forum. I do still look at the news though and throw in the occasional comment - sometimes even an on topic one :-)

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John Bean (UK): "the cathode (positive) and anode (negative) electrodes"

Hmm, positive electrons ;-)

Sorry, bad joke. The electrodes are always positive or negative of course but which is anode or cathode depends on whether you're charging or discharging. The statement I quoted is correct during discharge but completely wrong when charging - which is when most problems arise. Of course it would also be true when charging if electrons were positive... ;-)

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"the cathode (positive) and anode (negative) electrodes"

Hmm, positive electrons ;-)

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amateurphotographer: It's a working tool for most architect/interior photographers, and the cost should be able to recover with it's usage. I currently use the Canon 17/24mm tilts, they are awesome lenses. This Nikon 19mm will bring me back to the Nikon camp, so hopefully a higher res D810 will come in 2017. Any have any thoughts of why Nikon couldn't make 17 or 18mm tilt, do you think it has something to do with the tilt/shift clashing with some of the camera bodies? I use a gearhead, so really only need the shift. I will be buying one of these.

"It's" was correct - a standard contraction of "it is".

"Its" is possesive: it's a lens, its aperture is f/4 :-)

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On photo VW camper in Durness, Scotland in the Trailer Trash challenge (14 comments in total)
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John Bean (UK): Nice. No number plate?

I thought that mightt be the explanation. Just checking ;-)

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On photo VW camper in Durness, Scotland in the Trailer Trash challenge (14 comments in total)

Nice. No number plate?

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On article Throwback Thursday: Fujifilm F10 (121 comments in total)

I had a F10; not only were the images surprisingly clean they also had lovely Fuji colour and a sort of smooth-sharp look only normally seen from aps-c or larger sensor.

Unfortunately it was a dog to actually use, with a terrible fixed lcd and no mainingful photographic controls so it had to go - despite the good images it produced when I could force myself to use it.

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Too "box-like" for me. I have similar bags with reverse opening zips and while convenient in some ways they never seem to hang well cross-shoulder, which is how I always wear shoulder bags.

I currently use a Tenba Messenger DNA 8 that I first saw in DPR "news" announcement and it ticks most of the boxes for me so I quite like these infomercials. And yes, I did buy it from Amazon ;-)

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On article 2016 Roundups: Fixed Prime Lens Cameras (186 comments in total)
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bluevellet: Ha ha the final recommendation are by far the most expensive piece of kits out there. Like a car mag only recommending Porsche or Austin Martin.

Austin Martin? Was that for those who couldn't afford an Aston Martin? ;-)

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10/LX15 Review (393 comments in total)
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Marty4650: I remember paying $599 for my Panasonic LX2 about ten years ago.

This camera looks ten times better, for around the same price.

Apart from the LX1 that started it all ;-)

The LX2 was essentially a LX1 with more aggresive NR - even in raw. I preferred the raw output of the original LX1, which I still have though never use

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