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I like the bag that's in front of the bike. What is it?

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This is so useful. Thanks for this article.

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Good stuff. Still struggling between getting the 12-24 for the wide end, or 16-35 for the filter thread.

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Poweruser: Next up: The 7 Commandments of brushing your teeth and going to the toilet in the morning. The 7 commandments of changing your underwear. The 7 commandments of making list style youtube videos without having anything substantial to say.

The 7 commandments of making crap comments in comments sections.

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Paul B Jones: White christians are now a minority in the United States, and not taking it very well judging by the comments here.

White christians run all levels of government, and shoving their trash down everyone's throat.

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ybizzle: There are people who have no food, shelter, or can afford shoes on their feet that have something real to worry about...And then we have these idiots. It's really sad what this generation considers problems.

You can say that about ANYTHING in this site. "Omg, why do you care. There are people starving!" Adult 101: you can care about multiple things at once. Serious things. Also, not so serious things to other people, but serious to you because of the amount of effort you put into it.

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What is up with all these elitist trash comments here?

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Cool and inspiring video. I think the monochrome took away from some of the photos, but that's personal preference.

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joyclick: on the camera side it seems fine,my worry is windows OS 10,and don't know what headaches to expect.
I had to revert to Windows 7 on my laptop,being frustrated with the 10

W10 mobile is different than desktop...

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Horshack: Canon is rumored to be spinning off its sensor division as well, with the name 'Demode Sensor Technologies, Inc'.

Who's going to buy from them? Their sensors are crap.

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On article Sigma dp0 Quattro announced with 14mm F4 lens (138 comments in total)

Now we're talking

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Hey Leica, the jig is up. This thing should cost less than $1400

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Biowizard: Brilliant! Am I the only one looking forward to "iPad Pro" - now about 99% more likely this year than before!


they already have one! it's an ipad with a lot of memory!

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xarcex: I just wish WP8 wasn't that bad, otherwise I'd buy this in a blink.

There's literally nothing wrong with WP8. Is it the lack of a notification center? It's going to be addressed. Is it the lack of apps? It's being addressed. Is it the lack of instagram? There are a plethora of unofficial instagram apps that let you post to instagram. Is it the lack of an official youtube app? There are better ones out there that are also ad free. Is it the lack of templerun and candy crush? Well, they'll come, but there are still a bunch of other games to entertain you. Snapchat? We have it. Pandora? We have it. It seems everyone complains about it just because it has "windows" in the name.

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Would've thrown a rock at his window, then ran after him and thrown another rock at his camera, in hopes of crushing his lens.

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SDPharm: I have no doubt that it's very well made and produces very nice images. But no viewfinder? If Sony can fit a viewfinder in NEX-6, surely they can squeeze a viewfinder in this baby.

For real! My goodness. I wouldn't doubt that it was somebody in management who decided to charge a ridiculous amount of money for a seperate viewfinder instead of just integrating it with the camera.

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