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  • Don't photoshop out anything. Don't blur anything out using shallow depth of field. Don't exaggerate space using wide angle. Don't compress distance using telephoto. Don't change contrast using ...
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    Construction Site 12g (35 & 65 Watergarden Drive): Construction Site 12f (35 & 65 Watergarden Drive): Construction Site 12e (35 & 65 Watergarden Drive): Construction Site 12d (35 & 65 Watergarden Drive): Construction Site 12c (35 & 65 Watergarden Drive): Construction Site 12b (35 & 65 Watergarden Drive): Construction Site 12a (35 & 65 Watergarden Drive):
  • Replied in Huh?
    If you want to better understand why the OP reacts so strongly to this, then simply take a look at some of their other recent threads: Britain, never one to shy away from restrictions on anything, ...
  • You must really hate black and white photography.
  • My camera has no Full Auto mode, and I would never buy a camera that wastes space on the mode dial for something stupid like that.
  • Edward Burtynsky , Vivian Maier , and many more.
  • Commented on photo Orchid Spray in the Florals in HDR challenge

    Great photo. Congratulations.

  • I am suddenly reminded why I haven't bought any interchangeable lens digital camera. If my current camera breaks, maybe I will replace it with another fixed lens camera. The idea of using smaller, ...
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    Construction Site 11c (285 Adelaide Street West): Construction Site 11b (285 Adelaide Street West): Construction Site 11a (285 Adelaide Street West): Reflections of Toronto 8: Reflections of Toronto 7: Toronto-Dominion Centre Bike Racks/Parking Garage Exit: Construction Site 10a (Canada Trust Tower): Reflections of Toronto 6:
  • Number of burglary and larceny/theft crimes, 2016 USA (excluding New York City): 7,787,155 Australia: 782,125 New York City: 131,880 Number of burglary and larceny/theft crimes per 100,000 people, 2016
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    Construction Site 6a: Construction Site 5j: Construction Site 5i: Construction Site 5h: Construction Site 5g: Construction Site 5f: Construction Site 5e: Construction Site 5d:
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    Stanley Park Baseball Diamond: King Street West at Stanley Park: Temporary Board / Missing Glass Panel: King West Blank White Wall: King and Spadina Streetcars: Spadina Streetcar Stop at King: Spadina Streetcar Shelter at King: Spadina Streetcar Near Adelaide:
  • Pbase hasn't been updated in many many years. OP gave up on them in 2016, I gave up on them in 2010. So it's not just a recent problem. I strongly advise using Pbase for your photography site, ...
  • No one has ever said I must have a very good camera, maybe because I only use a point-and-shoot, or because my skills are lacking, or a combination of both. Anyways, don't be too bothered when ...
  • People who have hit rock-bottom, people who are victims, people who are powerless, I try to be careful not to photograph them in their situation in any unsympathetic or demeaning or exploitative ...
  • My camera is 4:3 ratio, and even for my pictures, I find that I have to crop the longer side much more often than the shorter side. I don't crop often, but when I do, a 5:4 crop is much more ...
  • Last time I bought a camera was in late 2005, so there is no point buying used. There would have been little or no savings in buying a used copy of a 3-year-old camera that I could use for 10 ...
  • I like using optical viewfinder because I can still see what I am photographing even while the camera is taking the picture. It is very useful for panning. To make a panned picture while looking ...
  • My camera is point and shoot and when it stops working I will probably just get a smartphone for photography. By that time, smartphones should be even better than they are now, and probably more ...
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    Construction Site 3a: Construction Site 2a: Alley Wooden Fence: Vent Hoods and Yellow Poles: Hot Vent and Yellow Pole: Former Canada Post Office - Loading Bay: Former Canada Post Office - Front: Construction Site 1a:
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