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  • The 22 f/2 is great in low light, especially for the price. I'm not sure I'd call it wide-angle, but I guess that's relative. The two native Canon wide-angle M lenses, the 11-22 and 15-45, aren't ...
  • Thanks. I'm always trying to learn something new.
  • Would you be so kind as to describe how you processed these? Particularly the first one, how did you get the sky to look like that? Is it a single exposure or multiple stacked together?
  • There was a cool-looking frost pattern on the top of my car this morning.
  • I normally use this lens in low light/indoors for people pictures, but it's nice outdoors too.
  • I'm no expert on wildlife photography, but I would think that in general if there is not a lot of light you should definitely use the widest open aperture possible to keep the ISO down. The last ...
  • Some people have fancy radio controlled articulating setups with video downlink. To be honest, most of the time I have my hands full enough just flying the kite that I'd rather let it just take ...
  • Yes, I think you're right. I believe they used balloons too. The first use of kite aerial photography that I've heard about was from 1906, a truly impressive panorama of San Francisco after the ...
  • I went back a few days later (today) and got lucky with just the right amount of wind for my biggest kite. These weren't taken with an M, but I figure they're on topic. It kind of makes me wish I ...
  • Thanks for the compliment. I am impressed with this lens. I had the 18-55 but sold it after receiving this one and seeing how nice it could be at wide angle.
  • Created discussion thread A walk around a lake
    I was hoping to get some aerial pictures of this lake with my kite today, but alas, it wasn't meant to be, and I had to settle for pictures from the ground. Still beautiful though! You can ...
  • Thanks, Sue Anne. It's a fun way to do photography.
  • Here are some pictures of the Chesapeake Bay that I took yesterday.
  • Hadn't gotten a chance to fly in awhile. It was a cold, gusty day, but I managed to get some good pictures at a new location with a new (to me) camera. I can definitely tell the quality is better ...
  • I was looking for this thread a week or two ago when I got my 15-45. Must have missed it. Here are some of the pictures I like best with this lens so far. I like it better than the 18-55, mainly ...
  • I thought, hey, I didn't know there was a fixed telephoto EF lens. Maybe it would be cheaper than a zoom and I could use it with the adapter. Then I looked it up. Oh, it's an L lens. Never mind. ;) ...
  • Replied in Star photos
    But later clarified that she meant Jupiter+Saturn. Hopefully you get a chance to do it. I'd like to see how it looks at 400mm.
  • Replied in Star photos
    The planets are pretty bright, so they don't really need a long exposure. Of course, they're just basically going to look like orbs without pretty strong magnification. Here's what I was able to ...
  • Replied in Star photos
    Which star are you talking about? For astrophotography in general, if you don't have a tracking mount, you are going to be limited by the exposure time to avoid streaks, so you want something with ...
  • That's understandable, I guess. Personally I'll stick with my $400 M50 (a $200 net upgrade from the original M after selling it) and cheap lenses. :)
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