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WHAT a pointless article. Who cares? The market will sort this out. Its very simple, every step up in size from an iPhone has to offer a substantial enough upgrade in image quality to persuade the user to carry the extra bulk.
So i have a Sony RX100 mk111 because the image quality is sufficiently better than my phone that it is worth carrying, I also have a couple of Olympus OM-D again because the increase in size is worth it vs the Sony. For me thats where I stop but I actually have an old Nikon D-90 plus a stack of Nikon lenses but they just sit in my study because in 99% of cases (that I can predict when leaving my house with a camera) the increase in size just isn't worth it. Yes they are better, but for me (and probably 99% of the population) the difference in quality vs the M4/3 just isn't worth the hassle.
This whole DSLR vs ILC debate is pointless because it will be decided by market forces not by debate If consumers want DSLRs they will survive and if they don't they won't.

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On article Fujifilm X10 Preview Samples Gallery (113 comments in total)

Thanks for the samples. I do find it surprising the way that people want to rush to judgement about every new camera and instantly either "love it" or "hate it". Its all so binary and tribal. The tone of many comments is very aggressive and border line outright rude. I hope that people wouldn't speak to each other face to face in this way. It makes using the site so much less pleasant for everyone. Anyway thanks for the samples and I look forward to the full review. If you have a chance to make any comparisons to the LX5 in the review I for one would be grateful.

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