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mike geier: the extra $400 gets you NOTHING useable. Almost all E mount lenses are OSS, so that feature is useless, and all the rest is just window dressing. For shame Sony

legacy lenses....

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bigley Ling: Wow! I think the new feature in the a6500 is the IBIS. That combined with a focus reducer could make for some fun photography.

One reason for focus reducers on emount is that Sony have not released a "rangefinder" styled full frame camera. So if one did not like the A7 formfactor, this would be a good alternative. Secondly, I have found focus reducers can actually improve the image quality of a lens especially in the central region. Lastly, the eMount series cameras are smaller and more compact than the a7 series cameras which equates to an overall smaller footprint. Also a focus reducer adapter in most cases will be thinner than a non focus reduced adapter so lenses will not protrude as far.

I suspect when Sony finally release a full frame solution into an a6x type formfactor, the need for focus reducers will be further reduced.

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Another question. Why does the a6500 not have a 1/8000 shutter? You would think that a camera designed for capturing high frame rate sports, etc would sport at least a minimum 1/8000 shutter speed! Using an electronic shutter as an alternative for high speed shutter may be an option, but then with fast pans and fast horizontal motion, images may be susceptible to rolling shutter effect.

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ProfHankD: This is the NEX-shaped APS-C body with IBIS that so many people have been saying they wanted ever since the NEX-5 was introduced... that would have been enough for many people. The catch is, the price point isn't so much lower than Sony's FF A7II... so it's good that it out-specs the A7II in various ways.

Absolutely agree ProhankD. My nex 5r still has the same high resolution addon EVF, albeit not as fast refresh and not as good in low light, has a touch screen that can be used to engage the shutter.

What is still missing from the a6xxx series is the ability to articulate the EVF. We all know this is possible as Panasonic achieved this in the GX8. Maybe Sony is holding off once again and saving this for the a6800 ;)

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FuhTeng: Is the a6300 a rush-job (which would explain the 4K problem that's since been fixed, apparently) to compete with Fuji's top-end twins, and this is what the a6000's successor was supposed to be all along?

I'm surprised the touchscreen doesn't have more functions, and another control dial would be nice (I like my D7100's set up) but I get along fine with my a6000's control scheme too.

I think it's neat and I'm sure it'll be terrific, the price premium over the a6300 isn't worth it for me. I just hope this drives down a6300 prices for Black Friday! Hello continuous eye-AF! It was wonderful for photographing my running toddler during my rental, and it makes AF so easy (just hold the button down) that my wife isn't intimidated like she can be with changing AF points on our a6000.

I would have thought Sony would have introduced all these features in the a6500 in the a6300 since the tech was already there in their A7 series cameras. The a6000 series cameras seems to be a progressive camera where it gets upgraded frequently to incorporate technology that was already available in their other range of models.

For instance the higher resolution EVF in the a6300, was already available in the Nex 6 and 7, but was dumbed down on the release of the a6000.

The touch screen on the a6500 is nothing new, and was already featured years ago in the Nex 5.

I just do not get why Sony did not incorporate all these features when they released the a6000?

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SamKnopf: The problem is that IBIS is a basic feature important to people who are not speed demon photographers, and included on basic models in other brands such as the Olympus Em10. Sony forces you to buy their most expensive model to get it.

I think IBIS will be very handy for those that like to use legacy lenses on their E-Mount camera ;)

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Wow! I think the new feature in the a6500 is the IBIS. That combined with a focus reducer could make for some fun photography.

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iictchromepet: Camera is not up to the mark...

pretty hard considering how small small and thin the camera optic has to be tosort of fit the super slim iPhone 6s housing.

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impressive, wonder if there is any improvements in sensor sensitivity?

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On article Motorola Moto X Style preview and samples (37 comments in total)

Hmm, looking at the first pic in the garden with shutter 1/380. The detail is indeed impressive in the foreground, but then looking into the background, the trees seems a little mottled or water colored. Could this be possibly due to the Noise reduction algoorithm, or is the just the way the image processing engine is interpreting the trees in the background?

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Sutjahjo Ngaserin: I am a very happy user of Lumix DMC-CM1 and I think it's absolutely the best Phone camera today. Despite the general negative low light comments here, I also think it performed very well in low light. At least better than any other phone I know (And I am one phone freak trying out most high end phones in the market). Do note that I am NOT comparing this to NON-PHONE cameras.

yup agree, the tests are based on automatic settings. But, on saying that, the Panasonic does need to use higher ISO to compensate for the lack of optical stabilization in the other phones.

If the scene could be captured with the aid of a tripod, there is without a doubt the CM1 and the 808 would trump the competition.

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Jarda_Houdek: Not good enough to replace my Lumia 1020 but nice try.

eh, The lens on the CM1 is indeed very capable and is no worst than the Zeiss on the Lumia. Infact the 1020's Zeiss lens suffers more from corner softness than the Leica in the CM1. At least with the CM1, there is the ability to close the aperture down to sharpen up corners for landscapes, whereas on the 1020, there is no option for a variable aperture.

Windows phone OS is a nice OS, but sadly, there still seems a lacking in app support compared to Android and iOS.

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On article DPReview recommends: Best smartphone cameras (369 comments in total)

good to see DPR still acknowledges the 808's DPR score to be the highest. Shows DPR knows it phone cameras ;)

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ottonis: Disappointing low-light performance for a 1" sensor! Even the old and venerable Nokia 808 shows a substantially better image quality in the low light-simulation of the studio comparison scene.

true, also the CM1 is able to do long exposures up to 30 seconds, the 808 can only do max 2.7 seconds.

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