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On photo In the Sunray in the A story behind: Friends challenge (2 comments in total)

Whether this wins or not, this is a great shot. Wonderful capture. Thanks for sharing.

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juanpgonzales: What'S the minimum apperture?
F8? I hope, it's better (F20)

As far as I know that is not how an ND filter works. I believe a 3 stop filter is basically like under exposing a portion of the image by 3 stops. Where as stopping to F22 would increase your dof dramatically. I'm not very tehnically savvie but I'm pretty sure there is a technical reason why these cameras stop at F/8 my olympus XZ-1 is the same way.

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Ben O Connor: Thats more versatile than P100 and much easier to carry than P7100. And actually P7100 was a very late excuse to ones, who already bought P7000.

Also improoved optical specs, longest zoom range on its class.

I see that there are two rivals now to send to Olympus XZ-1 to history.

Panasonic LX-7 with bright lens and video specs.
Nikon P7700 with a versitality of highest tele zoom and streo built in mic. brightest screen, and pocketable.

Very well done Nikon.

ps: I personally believe that Sony RX100 and Canon G1X are just miss matched models. They are both awfull expensive and they can´t really helps with none of their specs.

I agree, unfortunately I just bought my Oly XZ-1 (which I absolutely love btw), but I really wanted the P7100 to be the right camera. This give me a little more reach than my Oly, better video, articulated screen ... All the short comings of the XZ-1.

Nice work Nikon.

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On photo Lady of the snow in the Creative Composites challenge (1 comment in total)

IMO - this is by far the best one! The others definitely look like composites, but this could easily be one photo. Really well executed.

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On photo daddy ... I am coming home ! in the Coming Home challenge (16 comments in total)
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liya: love love love this photo! beautiful

This is one of the best photos I have seen lately .... any where.

Really nice capture.

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On photo Dpression in the Dpression ... challenge (8 comments in total)

Very nice image. Congratulations.

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On photo Snow through the window in the Feeling At Home (capture date rule) challenge (7 comments in total)

Thanks for the comments ... nice to be appreciated.

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On photo Snow through the window in the Feeling At Home (capture date rule) challenge (7 comments in total)
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Joshua123: Glad to see someone else still using the Nikon D50.

Technically my wife's camera, but yes that is a great little shooter.

I really wish some of the companies would get back to the lower pixel count with higher quality sensors ideal.

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Any idea on how much this thing might be?

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Bart Hickman: 300mm/F6.3 on micro 4/3 = 600mm/F12.6 on full frame or 400mm/F8.4 on APS-C. Doesn't sound so amazing to me.

JensR I believe the F stop is a factor of the actual focal length or in other words the literal phyical focal length, since this length is not changing I don't believe the F stop changes either. X 2 crop factor is a result of distance from sensor so I don't believe it has an impact on f stop.

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I'm somewhat confused. What is the primary difference between the F4 and the F2.8 (besides the obvious aperture)? Is the big reason for making and F4 to reduce the size and price?

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rfstudio: Why isnt any of this company learn tht people needs better sensor rather than stupid long zoom with a quarter finger nail sensor ?????

Agreed. I'm super frustrated with this issue. I really wanted to like the P300 and aside from the lacking sensor it is a very cool proposition. But the images are ridiculously bad. With the P7100 sensor in that form factor these would sell like crazy.

Plus that aperture is next to useless since it's only available at the wide end. Come on Nikon!!@!!!! Listen to the people that buy your products. They are giving away P300s because of these exact problems.

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tkpenalty: i hope thats not an excuse to jack up the pixel count. The cameras are so far beyond the diffraction limit its not funny....

Agreed. My 8 year old Nikon D50 with a 6 mp sensor takes as good if not better pictures than a bunch of these 14 and 16 mp beasts that are out now. I don't care about pixel count I want seriously good pictures from an 8 to 10 mp sensor.

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migus: 1/4 sensor has 3.6x2.7mm: 13Mpix is BIG, and likely noisy (1.12um pix pitch) despite RGBW coding...
Sony, pls. think uploading 13Mpix files over 3G networks at current/future Bw prices. Or displaying them, when 99% of the monitors, tablets and TVs still struggle in the 1-2Mpix range. Printing your phone pics larger than postcards? Ask your local printer service what's the size of 99.99% of their print orders...

What's the sweetspot resolution for phonecam sensors (considering area, power, noise, and essentially, optical issues)? Probably 3-5Mpix. So please curb the Mpix race, while improving DR, noise and optics.

I'm of the same opinion. At this point 12 mp is about my limit on a DSLR/point and shoot. 8 mp seems to be a good compromise on cell phones; i.e., the iPHone 4s. Anything bigger and "moving" and storing those files is too cumberson.

I would much prefer they stop worrying about resoution, and start worrying about image quality and light sensing ability at the photosite level.

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