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AbrasiveReducer: Does "Enterprise" mean anything? I mean, do you need a corporation to use it or is it the high tech way of saying heavy-duty? Endorsed by Shatner. At $500, it would seem smaller non-enterprise HDs should be almost free.

"Enterprise" typically connotes a standard of reliability suitable for commercial RAID use, where the drives are run constantly (rarely sleep) and read and write much more often than drives see in typical home or personal business use.

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nicolaiecostel: Adobe Lightroom: Here, hold my beer !

HAHAAAA!!!!! (I'm surfing the web while I wait for LR CC to render an HDR image)... :-(

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Thanks HP.

Buhbye Apple.

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I have to wonder if they've reached the limits of what can currently be done with DR and IQ on these cameras... They 'dual camera' seems like a fairly complex system to choose (for a manufacturer), so it would seem the 'state of the art' in small sensor tech is stagnating for now...

(yes, it's still impressive what these things can do for the size, but improvements in camera IQ do drive sales with the insta-wannabe-famous crowd, so you wouldn't think they'd sandbag at all with the new 'X'...)

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Edmond Leung: Who cares the IQ of a phone camera?
It is still a very low quality small sensor only suitable for casual use.

Because the best camera in the world is always the one you have with you... For most people, the top spec iphone (and android) cameras are far better than the film cameras they were using a decade or so ago... That said, hundreds of millions of people 'care', Edmond.

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On article Finishing the line: Nikon 28mm F1.4E ED sample gallery (128 comments in total)

What's next, a 32mm f1.4?

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Sarge_: Are there any tilt/shift options for this camera?

Even most Full Frame CaNikon rigs show vignetting at full shift, so I have to imagine they wouldn't really work on a MF sensor?

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Are there any tilt/shift options for this camera?

Link | Posted on Apr 19, 2017 at 16:33 UTC as 2nd comment | 3 replies

How does it stack up against Kessler's Second Shooter system?

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On article Kamerar Lens Zoom Kit for iPhone 7 Plus review (31 comments in total)
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Salpjs: I was an early adopter. I liked the price and the case and lens combo. I used it storing my Kamerar cased phone in a belt holster for a few weeks before one of the ridges that aligns the lens broke off. It still works but the lens will slide off if I'm not careful. Still it is worth the price especially the reduced price. I really enjoyed the fisheye but I'm glad you explained the low light issue because I never got closer with the telephoto set to built in lens. The built in always looked closer.

How about the pocket lint situation? I'd think this setup would get filthy with dust and dirt pretty quickly...?

Link | Posted on Feb 25, 2017 at 19:39 UTC

Jesus. Is Nikon dead or what? 100 years, and folding up shop? It's not like they didn't have... oh... a hundred years to produce something jaw-dropping for this precise moment.

I'm a Nikon pro shooter, not a Canon troll. This is just disappointing... Seems like the company is collapsing. If it isn't, they better start getting the news out, because a lot of people are going to choose Canon instead, given the writing on the walls.

Link | Posted on Feb 25, 2017 at 19:35 UTC as 43rd comment | 3 replies
On article Fujifilm updates X-mount lens roadmap (56 comments in total)

Some tilt/shift lenses would have been nice.

Link | Posted on Feb 24, 2017 at 04:19 UTC as 11th comment

As someone who is constantly getting jerked around by finger reader fails... hell yes! Give me facial scanning, or retina type scanning, or something that works whether your fingers are perfectly dry or not...

But give me my headphone jack back first.

Link | Posted on Feb 18, 2017 at 17:58 UTC as 34th comment | 1 reply

I'm decades deep in Nikon pro gear, and I'm pretty open-minded creatively, but that music is terrible - it makes it unwatchable. At the very least, play it with the music but ditch the terrible, terrible vocals... Yeesh.

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El Jeffe: I want to know what kind of speakers the DJ should have.

That's not half as important as what brand of hard drive the music is played from. Cheap hard drives sound terrible.

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This is such garbage advice. Everyone knows Canon's sensors are a decade behind the times. Just look at their DXOmark rankings. Brides should only choose photographers using Nikon D810's, and they should only use Zeiss Otus lenses. I know this, from looking extensively at millions of pixels. /theonion

In all seriousness, the highest-priced wedding photog in my market (upwards of $15k/wedding) shoots only 35mm film... Chew on that, "Brides Magazine".

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On article DJI announces new Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 drones (63 comments in total)
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semorg: DJI Is proving they're not only becoming the leading drone hardware company, but with this rate the leading camera maker as well. I'm a recent drone convert (DJI P4) and I love it. however, it's as if DJI was in my head and listened to all my wish lists and delivered the P4 pro. It has all the things I was reasonably expecting maybe more.
I'm really impressed by DJI and how they were able to release 3 new drones (they're upgraded but it might as well be new drones given how much the changed) in a short time frame. I'm very impressed by them.

They've release the Mavick, P4 Pro, Inspire 2, and 600 all just recently... Impressive stuff. Time will tell if they're all reliable, but DJI has an excellent track record. But then so did Samsung...

Link | Posted on Nov 16, 2016 at 19:33 UTC
On article DJI announces new Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 drones (63 comments in total)

Why do you have to pay for the CinemaDNG license, or the ProRes license to get the better camera on the I2??? That seems absurd.

Link | Posted on Nov 16, 2016 at 14:59 UTC as 11th comment
On article OWC's Thunderbolt 3 Dock adds 13 ports to your MacBook (151 comments in total)

Look! It's half of a Macbook Pro!

They should have thrown in a CF card reader while they were at it...

Link | Posted on Nov 15, 2016 at 15:47 UTC as 16th comment

Even so, so what? I don't want a bunch of fv#$ing dongles to have to carry around with me all over the country every time I shoot on location. No more Macbooks for me.

Apple makes products for Starbucks-bound housewives, not creative professionals.

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