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So many hatin' on the SD1! I own one purchased from Sigma for 899 2 years ago. It is not my favorite camera, but I don't hate it. First, it is a very solidly built tank of a camera. Second, it is slow as molasses at xmas in processing images. But then, the images and what you can do with them! Oh my!

I also have a little DP2s bought off ebay for 200. Like its big brother it has some limitations, but produces superb images which are very amenable to processing with Sigma's proprietary software.

Sigmas are niche cameras. Always were. Alwsys will be.

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Robots will be doing both ends of this work in 5 years.

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GeraldW: I'm 79, so I go way back with cameras. My first was a Kodak Brownie Target 620. Strictly point and shoot. But I was interested in photography and wanted something better, so in 1955 I bought an Argus C4 with a lightmeter and flash. My first 35 mm camera. I used that for 12 years and then got a Miranda F, my first SLR. My first digital camera was a Kodak in 2003, quickly replaced by a Canon G5. I have owned over 100 cameras; but only a few were "keepers" that stood out from the rest and stayed around for several years.

I had a Miranda F in college. It lasted through a 6 month trip through Europe and West Africa. Eventually, the shutter gave out. I have lots of slides from that camera.

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I have this camera. I took some very good photos with it. The main problem was that it is a battery hog. A set of AAs was good for maybe 50 shots at best.

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FYI The SD1 Merrill can be had through Sigma for 899 body, or 1099 with 18 - 200 zoom. Refurbished. I got a nice used dp2s for 200 on ebay. It is just about my favorite camera.

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Theelderkeynes: To update a three and a half year old review a little, as a recent convert to the Foveon sensor in this Sigma (albeit in the DP2 Merrill iteration) I can testify that the latest Sigma Raw processing software, Photopro 6.3, which is used for the SD1 Merrill as well ithe DP2, does not leave much to be desired, at least to a relative newcomer to Raw processing. And this running on Windows 7 on an ancient Core 2 Duo at 2.66Ghz with 4 Gb of memory. There may be frustrations for those who wish to devote more time to arcane debate than taking shots, but on the whole Photpro6.3 hits the spot. Hats off to Sigma....

Agree. 6.3 works quite well. I recently downloaded Phase One for Sony. It blows away the competition, imho. I hope they do a Sigma version....

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