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Deleted pending purge: No such thing like Pro cameras, there's only Pro photographers.
And what makes them Pro (besides being obvious where their bread comes from) is sometimes the fact that they can do good photos with any camera.
Otherwise, mercantilistic lore or not, there are only expensive, less expensive, not expensive, and cheap cameras. Technically, these will do what their specs say, if you either need or can afford to use them. But in the end, it will always be 10% equipment and 90% author - at any price level.

Anyone on here & spending all this time talking about gear is obviously not a pro or else they would be out there shooting & not worrying about how many pixels they can get to take a crap photo with. Period. A lot of fashion photographers making more money than anyone on here use point & shoot 35mm film camers. So are they not pro's ???

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Nishi Drew: pfft, plenty of users here will go down to the pixel level of pictures and rant off about every issue that shouldn't be present. But when it comes to video many are quick to right it off as a blatant feature that's merely a marketing scheme that won't serve them any good and therefor doesn't deserve any attention...

Come on! How cool is it to be able to shoot beautiful high-res photos AND high-res video using one body and the same lenses? Seems this argument has been around since the MarkII, but I'm disappointed in seeing comments that aren't welcoming to video, maybe this isn't the post to comment on?
I can understand how the focus of such DSLRs can switch from pure photography to being a hybrid, to eventually really just being about the video, but I don't see a photo camera shooting better video than pictures... they're too different anyways so that doesn't make sense~

People are not welcoming to Video because we never wanted to be amatuer film makers we wanted to be photographers otherwise we would have been doing film for years on a DV cam or Super 8 or VHS... The camera companies have lumped these two genres together and make half assed attempts at both instead of one device purely for one job. Does your car fly ? Why not maybe you should get a flying car incase some days you decide you are not happy with just driving. Most people on here are technical users who dont really use cameras how they were intended. Film was miles ahead but just more expensive & a bit more hassle. You all need to spare a thought for photographers out there who have had there art and industry pulled from under there feet by anyone with a dslr thinking they have what it takes then telling camera companies they want more "features" which only takes away from the real essence of the camera which is its ability to take a picture!!!

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