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Franz Weber: Nothing what a RX10 IV could not do.

You meant Android

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Terrible Photographer: Tumblr still exists?

Have you been living under a rock?

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Foveonite: Note the difference.
The wall plug continuOUSly supplies electricity to the device.
The sun continuALly rises from the East.

"they're excellent value for money." I think "they've excellent value for money" is better.
majority shareholder -> major shareholder. (majority can't be a noun-adjective).

Your wrong

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Too expensive...

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On article Verizon officially acquires Yahoo including Flickr (55 comments in total)
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Mark Turney: I downloaded all my images from Flickr and deleted my account once ai heard of this pending sale. I'm just not confident in a cell phone company (about as honest as car salesmen or lawyers) hosting my intellectual property.

Your intellectual property? Oh please.......

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On article Steve Huff: 'Why I love my Micro Four Thirds System' (59 comments in total)

Small sensor.
Enough said

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beavertown: Canon is like the number one camera giant of Apple that will never die like the phoenix. Number two Sony will always be number two.

Last time You said Nikon will always be number 2....I guess you keep getting things wrong....

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G1Houston: 'We’ve learned that some customers require exceptional lens performance'

But there are many more who just want lighter, smaller, and less expensive, but quality lenses.

People want everything ..confirmed..

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Dp has convinced no one with this article

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On article Modern Mirrorless: Canon EOS M5 Review (1624 comments in total)

Too little, too late, too expensive

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So Glad that I didn't fall for the 6300 hype.

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Jeff Greenberg: Seeing comments "A6500 destroys Canon M5".
WHY??? Authoritative list of unbiased reasons appreciated.

Does A6500 AF match A7rII AF wrt speed & accuracy?
How high does A6500 in-camera flash sit above lens?
High enough to avoid lens shade semi-circle shadowing?
(or offer an adapter to avoid it?)

Sidebar: why did Sony fumble chance to make its
G24-70 f2.8 best in class??!!!
(a couple other have higher Dx0 rankings AFAICT)

I'd get A6500 in an instant if there was high quality
fast lightweight hyperzoom for it -- even if tele end
was slow f6.3... (f2.8-f6.3) say 24-240 equivalent
Optical engineers: could high end 24-240mm f2.8-6.3
for 1.5x sensor be under, say, 24 oz?

M5 is the biggest disappointment this year. Period.

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On article Sony announces FE 50mm F1.4 ZA prime lens (268 comments in total)
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caravan: The hits keep coming from Sony at very affordable prices.

Leica is better

Link | Posted on Jul 11, 2016 at 19:26 UTC

Not impressed

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PKDanny: 70-300 will also be available in May at a price of $1199. Is wrong price.

$700 for this lens.

Sony profit $1,000. Huh.

Give me a break....contra....
Go buy yourself a Chinese knockoff and call it a day....

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Andersonm: Weird, it only looks like 1920x1080 on my laptop screen

U need to get a sony laptop for it to work

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On article Sony brings uncompressed Raw to a7S II, a7R II and... (556 comments in total)
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photomedium: 99% of the sony users will rightfully savor their picture 'tartar', they will see no difference, and will go right back to lossy compression (or straight back to jpgs), but no one will care to admit it. ;-)

I always said that raw is overrated

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Promit: Okay, let's get a couple of the common ones out of the way, shall we?

"Canon keeps making a great camera even better."
"Finally Canon is acknowledging that their flagship sports DSLR still needs work."
"Now if only Canon could fix the dynamic range in a firmware update."
"Pointless, just buy a A7R II instead. DSLRs are dead."
"This level of of commitment to pros is why Canon will never lose marketshare to other brands."
"Good to see they're not charging for firmware updates like Panasonic."
"Sony <whatever> is better."
"Nikon <whatever> is better."
"Overpriced camera that still doesn't focus well."
"The best crop DSLR on the market keeps getting better."
"I had a 7D2 and it was the worst camera ever made. Now I shoot with four D810s and thirty thousand dollars of lenses."
"I had a D810 and it was the worst camera ever made. Now I shoot with the 7D2 and only these Canon lenses."
"My iPhone still focuses faster."
"No EVF, no point."
"Nikon needs to release the D400 immediately."

Promit has too much free time on his hands....

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On article A lot to like: Real-world Leica Q gallery posted (340 comments in total)
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(unknown member): Is it just me but is it difficult to see any real difference between any of these cameras in daylight regardless of price or sensor size?
Probably I have got the wrong electron microscope.
I am sure you could get pictures similar to this from a Canon Ixus (other brands are available).

Raw is overrated

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