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I have an A77 bought in 2012 with 2 lenses that I chose for the size of the body which is much more practical than the current body and an A6000 bought in 2016 because it is lighter. With the A mounts there is no vignetting as with the E mounts: I have 2 lenses with my A6000, at wide angle there is vignetting that Sony hides by cropping the jpg images from the raw, it is all just a scam.
My A-mount lenses (one sigma and one tamron) do not work properly (very slow focus) on E-mount cameras with adapter rings.

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The photos published on Dpreview seem mediocre (low quality): the company Pixii should publish photos in RAW format so that we can judge.
Les photos publiées sur Dpreview semblent médiocres: il faudrait que la société Pixii publie des photos au format RAW pour que l'on puisse juger.

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ridiculous, if they give me one, I throw it in the trash

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I have four Sony cameras since 2003 (A77 and A6000): the OVF is the past, EVF is the future. But with 3 or 4 Mp it should be better.

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I will never buy apple

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The body of the A7 is too small: welcome to the new A99.
I have a A77 and hope to buy a new camera but perhaps the new one is too espensive. I hope that sony will make the A77 III or an intermediate A99.

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Gesture: 95 percent viewfinder coverage. Actually, I'm impressed.

Viewfinder Optical type is "has been" : electronique Optical as so many features but need 3 or 4 mega pixel

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