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My large collection of Canon FD lenses is back to life. Thanks to mirrorless cameras and adapters. I particularly love the FD 35-105mm w/macro, f/3.5, which is well known for its clarity and sharpness, and the FD 50mm, 1.2, L.


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If the photographer was there legally, and if he had no role in the decision to publish the images, then it is unfair to punish the photographer, assuming he had informed the editors about the "embargoes".
Otherwise, the punishment, for both, is fair.

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Great news!!! Get yourself a 10-core, 64GB RAM, and a 16GB graphics card for the tiny amount of just $6,000 to $8,000 and your imports will improve significantly.
For other performance improvements, you, the ungrateful user, are asking too much.

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"Happy Mistakes" says it all.

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Marty4650: From a purely aesthetic sense... that photo would be a lot better if there wasn't an idiot sitting in the tree.

A good photographer would have photoshopped the picture to clone out the tree sitting dope.

He sits in the tree because no monkey was found there to sit in the tree. So he represents the monkey :)

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Call it the price of sticking with Adobe Lightroom!!!

Since I don't use any Adobe products, I built mine, a few months ago, with multi-core in mind.
I used an Intel Xeon E5-2683 V3 (14 cores, 28 threads) for my build.
It's a monster, but I couldn't be happier.

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MEH. Boring.
A 1" sensor may be too much to ask for in such camera, but a 1/1.7" sensor, and a faster lens would've made this camera a deal for me to use on hiking trails.
A wider lens would've made the deal even sweeter, even if the upper end would have to be shorter.

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Brilliant. I love excel, have used it since its very first version back in the days, before Windows existed.
Very enjoyable presentation.

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This is far from being a fair test, hardware wise.
Nevertheless, the cheap (relatively) Alienware PC performed admirably.

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On article Film vs Digital: Fashion photography shootout (401 comments in total)

I find this exercise to be useless for many obvious reasons that have been covered in various comments. Just one reason that is obvious to the blind is using an MF against an FF camera.
Nothing is wrong with preferences. Some photographers prefer film, which is fine, but the argument about film vs. digital is over, and has been extensively done.
This is an attempt at recreating an argument that was over 12 to 16 years ago.

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On article This is the world's first variable graduated ND filter (150 comments in total)

From what I see, this is a variable filter, but NOT graduated.

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As soon as Facebook or Getty Images find Unsplash worth acquiring, they will acquire it.
Then the images they acquire won't be free anymore, and probably the photographers can't ask for any compensation; they already gave their images for free, including commercial use.

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Sean65: Yay, more data collection badly disguised as something useful or enjoyable.

All gadgets are spying on us.

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Someone needs to remind these useless members of the congress that China has had spies at the CIA, various government agencies, the most prestigious and most secretive labs, at jet fighters manufacturers, at aircraft carriers engineering, at ...., and easily get all what they want on a thumb drive.
This has been on the news many times for many years.
The idiots think this will protect national security???
The biggest national security threat is our 4th-grader mentality average voters who vote to put useless b a s t a r d s in the highest government offices.

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"The 75mm model will retail for $4750 while the 90mm will set you back $5150"
I don't "leica" that price.

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On article On Assignment with Kylie Mazon and the Canon EOS M6 (131 comments in total)
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JimManson57: My opinion as a regular, longstanding DPReview reader: You really should flag sponsored content more clearly, and separate it out from the editorial news feed. If you don't you will lose credibility quickly.

@Scott: For those who will always miss reading the banner, simply add a VOICE message at the start (the voice can simply be reading the text message).
That way it's impossible to miss, even if you are trying to reach for the full screen button.
After all, DPR has to support itself. Nothing is wrong with a sponsored article.

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girlperson1: I'm a 60 year old woman. Every single portrait that I "matched" was for guys.....LOLOLOL!!!!!

Then I am not gonna try. Don't want them matching mine with the opposite gender :)

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Sean65: Yay, more data collection badly disguised as something useful or enjoyable.

Data collection?
Do you really think that Google doesn't already know what side of the bed you sleep on, and what you wear when you go to bed???

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With so many models / assistants coming forward to tell NYT their stories, it's obvious that the alleged abuse has been going on for a very long time, and probably no one at Conde-Nast listened to their complaints. So they sought help from the newspaper.
It's NOT something that just happened the day before the article was published.

With that in mind, I do NOT believe for a second that Conde-Nast had not known about such abuses.
They only acted after the story went viral on the pages of the NYT.

If the allegations are proven, I hope the company will be punished even harder than the photographers.

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On article 18 useful Lightroom shortcuts for beginners (87 comments in total)

I had dumped LR and PS many years ago.

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On article Huawei Mate 10 Pro camera review (180 comments in total)

The MicroSD up to 256 GB under "Other Specifications", on page 1, shouldn't be there, since this review is about the "Pro" version, not the "+" version.
It negates your "Conclusion", which says "No microSD expansion".

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