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They should have removed the following: LCD screen, autofocus, hybrid EVF (optical only), aperture/shutter priority, video, "A" mode on all the dials and disabled OIS on any OIS-enabled lens attached to the camera,

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Meh...the $5000 Hasselblad Lunar (Sony NEX-7) is the true legend!

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Olympus E-M1X $2999 just got crushed by the $2500 Panny...

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pixperfect: I want to buy the X-T3 but I want to make sure the body is 100% magnesium alloy. Fujifilm used to include a picture of the metal body of the X-T1, X-T2 and X-H1. Fujifilm mentioned the body is magnesium allow but there is no picture of the body without the rubber skin.
Canon mentioned the EOS R body is magnesium alloy but when Lens Rental took it apart, all you can see is plastic and no metal. I am wondering is Fujifilm is doing the same thing as Canon.
I really hate plastic camera, this is the reason why I still did not buy the X-T3.
Some body can show me where I find a picture of the X-T3 body? Many thanks.

Maybe he's a spy and need to be able to stop a bullet with the camera.

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I'm curious what Leica gets out of this. It's not like people who buy the Panasonic body will buy Leica lenses at +$5k a pop. Nor will more people buy a Leica body just because cheaper Panasonic/Sigma lenses become available. Did Panasonic and Sigma dump a bunch of money into Leica's lap to allow them to use the L mount?

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Anyone remember the OVF on the Canon SD700 IS? I tried looking through it once and never used it again. It was basically a pinhole. Anyways, I prefer EVF after using the one on the X-T1. On my X100s I switch between the two. When I want to do some real abstract photography, I use the Force.

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Keenorhian: What are they going to call the next one then? F2? Then S2, S3...


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krassphoto: A silly question. Could it be that xt2's screen is touch-able? And now, after release of xt20 with touchscreen, xt2 will get a huuuge firmware upgrade, enabling touch screen feature? That would be great and very "Fuji-ish" :)

Why would they disable a physical feature only to enable it later? Makes no sense.

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A touchscreen! Why oh why does this have a touchscreen and not the X-T2? Do we have to wait 3-4 years to get a touchscreen on the X-T3? Maybe they can come out with a X-T2s with a touchscreen in the meantime...

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When is the Lenny Kravitz Edition coming out?

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Nikon FM2n. Worked great even when the battery was dead.

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great Javier: What can you do with MF that you can't do with FF?

With a MF camera, I can call a 35mm camera a crop camera...

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FantasticMrFox: And it's getting more and more DSLR like with every iteration - seems like it has slowly dawned on DSLM manufacturers that people actually want to be able to hold a camera without getting cramps in their hands, and that requires a certain size and decent ergonomics.

So what was the point of mirrorless again?!

Small lenses...

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On article 6 tips for shooting fall color (109 comments in total)

Winter is just around the corner....:(

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On article Fujifilm to introduce monochrome instax mini film (62 comments in total)

When will they release Provia/Velvia/Astia and Classic Chrome!!!!

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On article Lenovo Yoga Book features unique 'on-demand' keyboard (89 comments in total)

Size and price is the seller here. If I can get rid of my notebook and tablet and use this thing to transfer my photos from SD card to an external hard drive, I'm going to get one. Currently I have a notebook and a 8" android tablet for travel. I've been considering a Microsoft Surface, but the price is too high. Sure it's only 10 inches. But that means it's easy to pack into a messenger bag or backpack. I only hope it has an integrated GPS.

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Perfect for people with aging parents who are not tech savvy. Too bad it's not available in North America.

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The specs say the LCD screen 104,000 dots...quite the massive downgrade!

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A better patent would be to allow companies to put cellular phones into silent mode automatically. Like in a movie theater or at a restaurant.

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On article Fujifilm X70 Review (370 comments in total)

That lens seems really soft. Did DPR try a second X70 to see if better results can be had?

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