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On article Sigma shows EF-M mount primes for Canon cameras at WPPI (206 comments in total)

wow.. these things are huge. gonna stick with my 11-22 and 22

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michoristo: Due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, sales may be postponed or supply may be delayed. ~NikonJapan

Not a good thing. No matter where you brand loyalties lay.

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Due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, sales may be postponed or supply may be delayed. ~NikonJapan

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KLO82: It seems that all the brand fanatics expect that their favorite brand to release high spec cameras every other month just to excite them so that they can brag about those internet fora. On the other hand, professionals want reliable workhorses that give them intended results with convenience.

High specs/ features on the newest cameras eventually trickle down to the lower end models. So far, the custom AF layouts and the ability to flag a image by dragging up is a feature that I would like in lower model cameras. Other than that... kinda meh

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Nikon marketing absolutely sucks. Really? This is all that there is for the newest flagship camera? There's literally only like 2 videos of the camera on youtube. Is this thing just vaporware like the 70-200?

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On article Sony a6600 sample gallery (185 comments in total)

Nice to finally see some samples with nice sharp eyes. Nice glass makes a difference.

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Iron Eagle: Call me crazy, but the images from any camera released in the past few years all look about the same. These look good, just like all the rest.

The newer cameras all seem to be able to produce awesome images. Some of the older lens though can't see to keep up.

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Androole: Seems like quite solid IQ from these images, at least at the lower ISOs (the OOC JPEGs look quite smudgey above ISO 800, here).

Honestly, from a strict picture quality point of view, it's hard to see how almost anyone could be left wanting by this lens and sensor combination, especially the great AF associated with.

...but man, why couldn't Sony even try to put it into a body that people would actually want to use? Give us another command dial and a better EVF and touchscreen, for heaven's sakes. These should be table stakes when you're talking about splurging on a single lens kit that's almost $3000!

Yeah, this sample gallery is actually better than some of the other newer Sonys. I guess it really is all about the newer glass. The system seems kinda strage as a whole though; Bulky and expensive for crop sensor.

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Aroart: Were is Canons patent for making the best mirrorless camera, action camera, vlogging camera..

Prob one of the 3000 filed in 2018

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Canon, Sony, Apple, etc. have thousands of patents every year. Most of them just minor updates or clarification to existing things like this one. No need to get excited.

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BrentSchumer: I just ordered a BlackRapid Breathe Curve based on a friend's recommendation. Any experiences here?

I liked the strap but hated the fastener. Sure you can take off the fastner but it sits unevenly when placed on a table, and a pain when you want to swap to a tripod. Was going to get the Blackrapid arca plate, but went with a different system instead.

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After trying a lot of these accessories, I've finally got my perfect solution.

Peak Design Strap
Promediagear arca plate
Promediagear plug connector

I can use this set up to carry my EOS R around my neck with regular PD connectors on my camera, or swap it to the plug connector and shoulder carry it. The plug connector also works better for shooting in portrait mode so that you dont get the strap blocking your EVF.
Also this can easily be swapped to be put on a tripod. Or other promediagear accessory (L bracket, boomerang flash bracket, side grip.
Now, only if there was a simple solution to swap this onto my gimbal.

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Jack Simpson: A very good read, Carey, and one thing I like, whilst you're not that hot on, is the separate wall charger :) I like 'em cuz, I can (re)charge my battery in a caffe and, if I have a window seat, I can continue to shoot using me second battery :)

I want both; a charger and ability to charge via usb-c

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On article Sony a7R IV sample gallery (673 comments in total)

Those shots with the 135mm is freaking amazing!! The 24-70 not so much and the 85 1.4 even worse. I guess lens really does make the difference.

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michoristo: Wow these are some bad pictures.

1. Eyes aren't in focus, why try to showcase this if you didnt even get focus right?
2. Weird reflective lighting from below, much better than first pix to showcase focus though.
3. Nothing really in focus here. looks meh.
4. This one is nice.
5. Just a snapshot. I know this scene is done for all lens but this one is really whatevers.

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Kaonashi: This is a bit strange - Canon keeps on releasing halo lenses but nothing useful for an average working photographer. 1.2 sounds spectacular but is actually not that useful in 90% of cases. 1.4 and 1.8 are good enough for most. So who is this new system for, really?

The price and size are eye-watering for most of Canon RF line up (there are exceptions).

I am not sure there is any point in switching to Canon mirrorless. Both bodies use old technology and don't offer anything that takes away from their own DLSRs, and definitely not from the competition. The lenses are, the word that comes to mind is: not practical and rather niche.

This doesn't seem well thought through and is not really exciting.

All EF lens work like native lens why duplicate the lineup?

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Wow these are some bad pictures.

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On article Canon EOS RP sample gallery (187 comments in total)

Details in the image seems a bit lacking. Is it the megapixel difference? Images look like Sony A7III images.

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On article Canon RF 28-70mm F2 L sample gallery (466 comments in total)
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Lexptr: An interesting piece of gear. But I don't get the point of R system's launch. Canon released a relatively low-end R body and couple of extreme pro lenses. Wouldn't RF 24-70 f/2.8 IS be appealing to more customers? RF 50 f/1.4 IS?

Canon doesnt see adapted EF lenses as a negative. So it would make sense to make different things instead of repeating what they already have in EF.

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LiangMing: Does Canon has no better RF lens to develop than Macro lens?

I think they are developing lends that are lacking/unavailable in the EF.

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