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NDT0001: Fuji is on the right track. Leaving the other major players behind in the MF market.

Nah, they can't even dream to surpass the likes of Hasselblad and Phase One. Their rival is Pentax, on the amateur MF market. Fuji has a lot of work to do if they want to be considered by pros currently using Hassy and PO, people like that pay 7000 dollars for a parabolic umbrella. People upgrading from full frame DSLR's will love this camera though.

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phoenix15: And Ricoh is sleep tight.

Pentax has a wide and a tele at around 4 grand if i remember correctly. And their 645z viewfinder has been criticized to be "dissapointingly small for a MF camera", i don't know what you're on about.

Pentax is going bye-bye.

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Arkienkeli: I suppose 23mm is a great lens, but the price seems quite high considering it is slow at only f/4 and the image circle is only slightly larger than many FF lenses already have (like Sigma Art series). New Nikkor 20mm f/1.8 goes for under $800 and Sigma Art 20mm and 24mm f/1.4 (!!!) for under $900 and $850, just for comparison.

f/4 is not fast for medium format, f/2 is fast. f/2.8 is kinda fast, f/4 is kinda slow especially if we're considering the fact that this is not true medium format, it's only bigger than FF35mm.

If this were a lens for tripod work and architecture, it should have been tilt-shift.

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great Javier: So expensive, so fuji.

Compared to 4-5 grand hassy and PO lenses, this is a bargain.

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On article Hasselblad X1D final production sample gallery (137 comments in total)

Higly unimpressive pictures

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Lawson Raider: A good deal if you want to upgrade from a Hero HD, Hero 2, or a Hero 3 White. However, Hero 3+ Silvers, blacks, and the Hero 4 line you can sell your camera for more money that the tradeup is offering.

That is if you can find a buyer at a decent price.

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On article Nikon D7500: What you need to know (533 comments in total)
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NaBalam: Nikon... 100 years in the business. And this is what they come up with?? A *meh* product with old technology. Fuji, Ricoh, Canon... hell, even SONY is investing in new technology. What happend to you Nikon, you used to be so cool.

Except Nikon is japanese and they know what they are doing.

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On article Nikon D7500: What you need to know (533 comments in total)

The D500 needed to have a little brother. The D7200 was dead the moment the D500 was announced. Want a D7200 upgrade ? Get the D500.

Can't afford it ? Get the D7500 with the same sensor, 4k and a flippy screen. As simple as that.

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On article Nikon announces midrange D7500 DSLR (396 comments in total)

A lot of people here don't understand that this is not a D7200 followup, the D500 sort of was the followup/upgrade, this is something less than the D500 as the D7x00 series as we know it came to an end. This D7500 is a model similar to the D700, when the D3 came and replaced the D2x. It was less than the D3, less than the D2x from some points of view, more from others. It's a branch move in a series, not a continuation because you can't have two models superior to an existing model.

That's why it wasn't called a D7300. If it's cheaper than the D7200 I'd get one as backup, but it seems that it does not use the same battery as the D750 so ...

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On article Sigma sd Quattro H real world samples gallery (107 comments in total)

Looks like what I used to get on my D80 back in the day.

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On article Alcatel Flash features front and rear dual-cams (10 comments in total)
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Ben O Connor: Back in the day (2nd Millenia!!! Year 2000!!!) my first cell phone was an Alcatel one touch easy :) cute lovely phone, had many girlfriends but not so much money to call them... Texting was the thing... And internet was a luxury! It wasn't in your pocket. You have to sit front of it. And take it serious! Internet, was that then!

Anyway that Alcatel has the name. I wish it would be also alcately... Has huawei specs and price... But nane Alcatel, which was affordable... Nokias were expensive "for the son" in my family budget when I was 16 :)

Damn, those were the days. Viva Alcatel!

Good old days. my first phone was also an Alcatel OTE. Now Alcatel is just a brand name used by the TCL chinese company.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Nikon D70 (221 comments in total)

Owned a D70 as a backup camera to my D200 and hated every minute of shooting with it. Appaling camera since I had the D80 first, then the D200, then got a D70 as a backup.

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On article Pentax KP Review (668 comments in total)
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samfan: It's just gorgeous. Pentax nailed what Nikon was trying to do with the Df and screwed up.

Well, almost. I with they'd finally upgrade their 4-way controller to something more modern and that fat border around the LCD is a bit odd.

Either way K1 and KP seem like a killer combo as far as camera bodies are concerned, at least if you like the retro-ish SLR looks like I do.

Heh, this has to be the first time I really like a camera for the looks and barely think about the insides. Okay, second time as I had the just as gorgeous Pentax i-10 compact at one point too. But this one is certainly also a decent camera on its own.

What did Nikon scew up with the Df ? One of the world's top wedding photographers, Keda Z, is using it, along side many other photographers. The Df uses the D4 sensor, actually looks retro without being disproportioned like the Kp and is a quality product. Come to think of it, it's rather ridiculous to compare the Df to the Kp.

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On article Canon EOS 77D / 9000D sample gallery (147 comments in total)

It's a pitty to use that lens to showcase this sensor. Some shots look like smartphone-soft and only a few shots are properly sharp, mostly taken at wide angles.

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On article Fujifilm X100F Review (837 comments in total)
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RedFox88: Yawn.... creating softer images than the competition

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On article Fujifilm X100F Review (837 comments in total)
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RubberDials: Well, the Fuji users are going to be pleased but everyone else is going to be scratching their head about this one.

For me I think you guys should just come clean and admit you give the gold star to whatever you want to.

Well, the D7200 takes sharp pictures for one. The X100F doesn't seem to bother too much in this regard.

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Nice and sharp but I'd invest in medium format if the sensor would be close to 6x45. This is glorified full frame.

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Small market margin or shrinking + overpriced hardware + bad software = Nokia. Apple has the first two negatives but the software is still the best, but it starts to show cracks. Installed Ios 10 on my iPad Air and it's slower than plants grow, i have to wait seconds for apps like mail and facebook to open.

That's one of the reason I bought a Samsung A5 2016, a very good phone made from metal abd glass and way superior to any i?Phone at the same price level.

It may crash the facebook app on ocasion, it may stutter and lag once a week but the rest of the time it's much faster and way less restrictive than my idiot iPad. I'd be worried if I was Apple.

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Max Iso: Pointless IMO. If i wanted manual flash i could (and would as i have 4) just buy and use Yongnuo units since they have receivers built in, all you need is one transmitter. I suppose others might want to use their existing flashes but it's still too bad these are manual only.

Using phottix triggers since circa 2010, never a problem. Bought a Yongnuo 560 III and it broke down after a month of rarely been used. No thanks.

Also this little thing is pointless as it blacks the hotshoe on top.

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nicolaiecostel: Good shots, good lens at 70 mm and around. Kinda crap at 300 mm, soft with CA and ambiguos focus in many samples, pretty decent in others.

Who cares ?!

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