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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 5D Mark III review (672 comments in total)
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draculavn: From compared photos shown here, it's easy to see 5D Mark III clearly beats d800 in the fields of white balance, color tone and contrast. That's what I need and I will purchase a new 5D Mark III soon

dpreview just focus the issue of visible noise reduction which we never see. Some issue that we face just a few times in photography.

This review from techradar is much more impressive and fair

@draculavn: You are so ridiculous. One of the fiercest canon fanboys around. At least other fanboys exagerate some features and hide the downsider, you're just plain making stuff up. And if the 5D3 rings your bell so loudly, just go out there and buy one, put your money where your mouth is and give us a break. Canon had the edge in sensor technology with until 2007, generations change, you know !

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On article Pentax launches smc DA 50mm F1.8 for APS-C cameras (108 comments in total)
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nicolaiecostel: This is a crop lens, meaning no future FF model from pentax. At least they cleared that one up. This lens has small optical elements because it only covers a crop sensor, it hasn't got aperture controlled by a ring so it will not work on the majority of film cameras, (except the MZ-S ?), and has a plastic mount, and a screw driven AF. So in all honesty, apart from it's nice design and aperture blades, this should be even cheaper than the Nikon 50 1.8D. I hope it will be a nice lens but it sounds more like a rip-off, at least at this price.

@Dean Allan: Firstly, in order to cover FF, a 50 1.8 would have to be made with larger optical elements than THIS lens, which doesn't cover. Secondly, in order to have an aperture ring, so that it can be used for video or film cameras, the lens has to be more expensive. But it doesn't. In order not to have a screw driven AF, the lens has to have a USM motor, and that makes it expensive. Put all that together, all the things that this lens doesn't have, plus the plastic mount, and one can only wonder, why is this lens so expensive. Did you get it now, finally?

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Peadingle: Rather disappointed as a long-time Pentax fan looking to buy a DSLR. Why? Because the K-30 doesn't have an articulating viewing screen that my current two digital cameras have, and a feature that I am not now prepared to be without.

It's funny how everytime pentax launches a camera, they keep banging on about the weather sealing feature, as if umbrellas never existed, all of the lenses are weather sealed and rain magically falls everywhere, except for the front element of the lens, allowing you to take pictures that no other digital camera user can. As far as I know, only pentax and olympus (E3) ever pictured their DSLR cameras as being soaked in water. Canon and Nikon produce at least 3-4 cameras each, at this point, with weather sealing, and a whole lot more lenses that are weather sealed, and seem not to be interested to incourage you to expose your camera like that.

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This looks like it's going to be a killer camera, with features that resemble the Nikon D7000, without the dedicated buttons and status display, which makes more of a professional model. If the AF will work as well and will not have the isues encountered on the K-r and K-5, it will be a worthy purchase option for anyone looking for an upgrade to an entry-level DSLR.

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On article Pentax launches smc DA 50mm F1.8 for APS-C cameras (108 comments in total)

This is a crop lens, meaning no future FF model from pentax. At least they cleared that one up. This lens has small optical elements because it only covers a crop sensor, it hasn't got aperture controlled by a ring so it will not work on the majority of film cameras, (except the MZ-S ?), and has a plastic mount, and a screw driven AF. So in all honesty, apart from it's nice design and aperture blades, this should be even cheaper than the Nikon 50 1.8D. I hope it will be a nice lens but it sounds more like a rip-off, at least at this price.

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Great lens, but what about the news of the pentax 50 1.8 launch ?

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RavelR: I think that, for that price, and for what they seem to be aiming for in terms of form and function, they could've gotten a little more creative with the camera (like, make the camera as manual as possible and remove the screen on it, for example?). The sampled picture does look pretty good, through.

That would be just stupid. The whole point of a digital camera is that at least you can check the pictures.

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Zigadiboom: If I was to buy a D800 or 5DMark3 I know that the premium in investing in one of these will give me the lastest in sensor tech, unmatched high iso performance, build quality, image quality, superior dynamic range, cutting edge speed and performance and a plethora of flexibility when it comes to manual controls. I know what I am paying the extra money for.

With the Leica at twice the price of the D800 and 5DMark3 what exactly am I getting extra? Somebody needs to enlighten me. Leica is a fine company and they make some of the best optics going around and have a strong pedigree. There is no denying this but there is only so much a company can use its badge to command a price premium. The so called thoroughbred monochrome samples that I see above doesn't move me in the slightest for what this camera is worth.

However the camera does have one thing. For $7950 u at least get the privilege of reviewing your high resolution 18mp images on its state of the art 230,000 dot screen.

If you can see the images and still say that which you have just said above, then this camera is definitely not for you.

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Absolute, 100% sharpness. Perfect BW look, great looking grain, perfectly usable high ISO's. What Leica is doing with this camera is what other manufacturess only dream that they could have the courage to do. This is the esence of photography, no VR, no AF, no silly nanny-state between you and creation.

This is a punch in the throat to a world that thinks in megapixels, video mode features and frames per second, a world that ushers in a new generation of cameras every year, each manufacturer competing for the bells and whistles award. But is thia photograpy all about ? Leica has been about that decisive moment, anticipated and prepared, not machinegunned at 10 fps. If Leica will go down after this, if these really are it's last decisions before it is consigned to the history books, it will go down with one last show, like Zidane headbutting Materazzi in the chest, in the World Cup final. They may have lost the game, but he defended his honor.

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On article Just Posted: In-depth Nikon D800 review (541 comments in total)
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marike6: If ever a camera deserves a Gold Award it's the D800. Nikon raised the bar really high with this camera as far as IQ and resolution. After shooting with a D800 for a week, all I can say is the files from it are beautiful, low-light is great, and it's really fits my hands perfectly, just feels right. Great job DPR, huge kudos Nikon.

The pentax K-5 was never number one. It is a camera plagued by QC and AF problems and the only thing remarkable about it is the sony sensor. Too bad other cameras share that sensor too. If the K-5 would have been ever no.1 then Pentax would have been in a different place now, instead of being under the supervision of a large printer manufacturer, bought for 125 mil. And even if it was ever no.1 in IQ, it still does not offer nowhere near 36 Mp and only takes pentax lenses, sadly. I struggle to see your point, besides trolling on a nikon D800 thread, what are you on about ?

Shoot what you have and be happy with it, instead of trying to justify your choice. We are quite happy with Nikon here.

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Great image quality, too bad for the poor autofocus.

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They're going to go bankrupt anyways so they might as well boast with 1 fps and 12 ev DR for 20k. Instead of respinding at the D800 with a 5k 40MP back, 15k 80MP back and try to surpass the 100MP margin, they sit and watch as the MF clients migrate to 135.

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Great news, this will likely replace my 35 Af-D. The price is just right, I think it will be a best seller.

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On article Canon acknowledges 'light leak' in the EOS 5D Mark III (253 comments in total)
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nomiss777: Well at least Canon has the balls to acknowledge their mistakes and willing to fix it. The ones who acknowledge their mistakes first are always the bravest. I don't see Nikon acknowledging any of the problems associated with the Nikon D800.

@Kinematic: dude, who woud use CLS in the studio ? do you think your subjects will enjoy being flashed straight in the retina ? I doubt. No one uses the CLS unless they forgot their Pocket Wizards at home.

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Alizarine: With so many announcements already, I wonder what Canon has in store for Photokina..

They will probably announce the availability of purchase for some products launched last year or at the beginning of this one.

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Edmond Leung: Technologies are changing, from now on, 4K is just a basic standard for the consumer product. What we are looking for is the introduction of a 8K camera in the near future.

1080p will be fadeout in the next few years. Just like a few years before when we were still watching VCD and DVD.

Really. 4k is a standard for consumer cameras ? Let me ask you this: how much space does a minute of 4k footage occupies ? What screen are you going to see that footage on ? (I checked the largest electronics retailer in my country and the largest screen in resolution they sell is 2560x1600 and it's a 1500$ dollar HP) and last, but not least, what computing power do you need to make even the smallest montage of 4k ? Is youtube going to run 4k anytime soon ? Is blueray, the largest capacity disk on the market going to fit more than 5 minutes of 4k ? Alot of consumer cameras can't even make full HD properly if at all. Or, maybe you are reffering to consumers like Steven Spielberg and by cameras you mean video cameras. Jeez!

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So this camera is a 1Dx for which they are charging 5000$ more for a software tweak ? Or they have done something noteworthy on it ?

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On article Just Posted: Sigma SD1 / SD1 Merrill review (374 comments in total)

The samples are very sharp, granted, but the colors are awfull. Muted, shifted, casts. For me this camera would be a nightmare in PP. And I don;t know what this camera's aim is, cause it lacks professional features like a top LCD. I think the Fuji XPro1's sensor is much more desirable than the marketing gimmick in this Sigma.

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The portrait of the bearded gentleman has the focus on the eyebrows instead of the actual eye. Is that how you advertise the autofocus system in the new 5D ?

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copajaus: I personally don't see significant differences in image quality between this 5D mk3 and my 1Ds mk3; with today's post processing, anything is possible.
I will not pay the asking price for that body unless I am desperate for some basic video capabilities and money is no object. To me this is a $2500 camera, not $3500. I am afraid to say but at around the 3K + mark, it looks like you get more for your money with a D800... and I have been using Canon since 1979...!!!
I am pretty sure Canon will launch a new camera with (I am hoping...):
- 35 Mega pixels +
- Decent auto focus, as good as my 1ds is perfect, 5D Mark 1 was NOT GOOD AT AUTO FOCUSING.
- Sealed body without the integrated motor drive such as the 1ds to save weight, may be like a 1V or similar
- Decent HIGH ISO Quality (Picture quality is subjective though).
- Less VIDEO functionality which only appeal to a certain market. I want a camera for STILLS NOT VIDEOS, if I want a VIDEO I buy a VIDEO CAMERA...!!!

hehe, it seems that you want a D800.

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