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  • Strange: Again and again I have been told here on dpreview how much better smartphone cameras have become.
    And now I read that it takes a Google engineer the effort to create a custom app and quite...

  • Throwaway thursday? ;-)

  • > I'm not convinced that consumers are quite ready to begin moving to 8K TVs yet, especially since most of them haven't even gone 4K.

    You got it.
    How much is a 4K beamer for home cinema currently?...

  • This is most likely true for the camera alone, but take the films, development chemicals and photo paper into account, and compare the overall ecological footprint of this camera and a digital...

  • I would be seriously interested to know which people use them for what reason, because I for one cannot come up with any single use case.

    Even If I forgot my camera at home (or the battery is...

  • "Usual bashing"?
    Not quite the point. I have seen other new products warmly welcomed and embraced in the comments section, mostly well-specified high end products though and products which solved...

  • Donating old equipment is a very good idea. I tend to give things away to a charity shop or the recycling center where people can buy them for a bargain.

    I wouldn't call this camera cheap...

  • Two things come into my mind:
    1. With fixed aperture, speed and ISO, how is this camera getting a correct exposure outside where it cannot even use a flash for compensation? Is this a pure indoor...

  • Sorry, you are right of course. No idea why I had Tanzania in mind ... /-)

  • "Extremely dramatic"? I'd say: Extremely disappointing to watch.

    By coincidence, just a few weeks ago there was a documentary about the Victoria Falls in Tanzania on TV (on "arte"), where, among...

  • > MFT (Panasonic and Olympus) is the way to go.

    Seems so. Nikon was mho simply too late on this 1" market and too late for 4K video either. Have a look at the feature-packed Panasonic MFT cameras....

  • I agree. I have been shooting 3D photos since the mid 90s the classical way: Take one photo, move the camera, take the second one. I really like the result.

    How could this his "classical stereo"...

  • Sure, it's only my personal taste, but I find the grey body looks like cheap plastic.

  • @dpreview. Please correct the specs: Display is listed as "Tilting ", when actually it is "Fully articulated". (This is irritating when comparing cameras in side-by-side view.)

    Oh, and also note...

  • Yet another candidate for the top ten most superfluous photo products 2016.

    (It seems you can put a gold coating around almost everything today, thus creating a expensive product some selected...

  • Impressive to see that the G85/G80 equals the image quality of the slightly older APSC camera Canon EOS 700D over all ISO settings, even with its smaller sensor. (The small differences are mostly a...

  • Did I read over it it or did the dpreview team not even note that the camera has an interval timer and stop motion mode? Thy didn't even list it in the camera specs. Being a fan of time-lapse...

  • @dpreview
    In the specification, shouldn't it say "Fully articulated" (instead of "tilting") for the screen, according to page one of the review?

    Also, there's nothing specified concerning...

  • I installed Chome portable, and with this most 360° videos work, albeit a few only in 1080p, which is too slow for my connection (or my notebook).

    It's a pity the whole experience (all 5 parks)...

  • Who needs this new compression algorithm for photos?
    JPG isn't perfect, indeed, but there already exist better file formats who even offer optional lossless compression, such as the planned...

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