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Matei H: As a Nikon/Sony shooter I'm slobbering hard over this lens. Since 2007 when I switched to Nikon from Canon I missed the 1.2 line that obviously is only getting better on the R series. Now if they only had a pro camera to go with this... (Nikon is in the same boat...without the awesome lenses IMHO)

Nikon Is simply prioritising more accessible lenses. By sacrificing just over one stop Nikon is giving us an optically superb lens at 1/3 of the price and almost 1/3 of the weight. They clearly have a 1.8 or 1.2 strategy, bypassing 1.4, but 1.8s will come first.

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Darkroom_Fine_Art_Pro: In my 32 year career, this lens has got to be among the very best I have owned and used and that includes Leica. I think the 50 1.8 S is reason alone to own a Nikon Z series camera...

Completely agree. My jaw drops every time I look at the output of that lens.

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fPrime: Sorry, Barney. My 50mm f/1.8D is an example of a proverbial "nifty fifty." The 50S is both too big and too expensive to hold that title.

Also, the fact that the 50S doesn't qualify as a nifty fifty underscores why Nikon Z struggles to find a market. In general the Z lenses are not fast enough to be "Pro" lenses and not cheap enough to be "consumer" lenses. D'oh!

It's all pretty obvious. But still Nikon executives wonder why they lag in mirrorless third place.

Well, I for one LOVE what Nikon is doing. I do not want to pay the price and weight penalty for "pro" lenses but I want something better than the proverbial nifty fifty. Nikon are doing exactly this. They are giving us lenses that are half the weight and price of a traditional "pro" lens but better quality, in some cases (like the 50mm) right up there in quality terms with the Zeiss Otus range. The only sacrifice is about 2/3 of a stop, well worth it in my books.

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On article When fast-ish is fast enough: in praise of F1.8 lenses (528 comments in total)

As an enthusiast, I LOVE what Nikon is doing and I completely agree with this article. When I moved from DSLR to mirrorless, I wanted something a little more compact and light and I think that their f/4 zooms + f/1.8 primes achieve that while providing pro-level image quality (in many cases exceeding F-mount pro lens image quality) at somewhere between 1/2 to 1/3 of the price of pro-level f/2.8 zooms or 1.4/1.2 primes. I'm more than happy to take the 2/3 - 1 f stop hit to achieve the size, weight and price benefits while still receiving pro-level image quality. I think they could have marketed it better, but nevertheless I love what they are doing. And they havn't forgotton the pros - other f/2.8 zooms and 1.2 primes are on the roadmap (more on the leaked roadmap), they simply prioritised the enthusiast in the initial rollout.

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