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On article Nikon D800 and D800E 36MP full-frame DSLRs announced (271 comments in total)
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raztec: Ridiculous and typical of Nikon. I can't make out this company. Honestly. They don't seem to consider the needs of amateur photographers.

Who needs 36mp other than studio photographers, or those that blow up their images to bill board size?

Why not give us the D4 sensor in a D800 body?

We want full frame, max 24mp, fast AF, 1.5x crop factor option to use our DX lenses, excellent high iso.

Is that asking too much? They have the technology to do it. So why don't they?


You're either being sarcastic or you're missing the point. Nikon are catering for a market that they haven't been a part of since the 5D MKII was released: full frame, affordable and high resolution. Maybe there will be a D700x, but for now this camera is filling a gap that has needed filling for quite some time.

Plus, as it's already been said, amateurs don't buy these cameras.

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