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On photo frozen tree in the Enter the cold challenge (7 comments in total)

The temperature in the room dropped when I opened the picture.

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J Parker: Excellent Article! I'm looking forward to part two. Many of these early cameras would be considered advanced even by today's standards. One example is the Sony F707 from 2002. Imagine a camera today that:

1.Had one of the best lenses ever made for a camera -- a Carl Zeiss lens with a 2.0 aperture at 38mm -- and 2.4 at 192mm (a comparable DSLR lens would cost $2000+) . It's cinematic rendering is why I use it for pro work to this day.

2.Is infrared ready out the box. It not only shoots in total darkness (think military nightscope), but with the addition of iinfrared and ND filters becomes a full fledged daylight infrared camera.

3.Uses a holographic laser beam to acquire focus under any condition (wow).

4.Has a unique L-shape form factor and swivel lens design that allows you to shoot over crowds, shoot at waist level, to the left or right--or even around corners. It's still my go-to street shooting camera.

At under $75 today, it's an absolute steal if you can find one.

I got the f828 back in 04. I loved that camera, and still own it. It shoots in raw and tif (and only takes about a minute and a half to save the image),had 2 card slots and was built like a tank. One day, while playing with night vision in an old cold war bunker, I fell in a good distance onto solid concrete, and effectively left hooked it into the ground. Despite a few cracks, it has never been affected. just keep the iso at 200 max

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Amadou Diallo: Hi everyone,
I'll be speaking with an Adobe rep in a few moments about this move. If you have any specific questions you'd like answered please reply to this post.

Kindly ask them what alternatives to Adobe products they would recommend.

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mister_roboto: Does that mean they're fixing their TERRIBLE jpg compression as well?

It really is like going to the "add noise" filter in photoshop, and moving the slider all the way to the right. This effect is even more pronounced when attaching a pic via private message to a client that wants a quick preview. Did that once. wont happen again.

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The description seems to point to American, but does not specifically exclude any other game. I say that puts it up for grabs, especially when one considers this challenge coincides with Euro 2012. Personally, I ran into Flava Flav at the NY Giants Super Bowl victory parade. Probably entering that. ha

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453C: When can we expect a report from the Olympus stand?

Im looking through the map. I walked around expecting them, but they were absent. This deeply disturbed my friend, who took it as a very bad omen. She loves her Olympus gear, but is now deciding between canon and nikon.

Posted on Oct 30, 2011 at 02:47 UTC
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The cameras are just for show. The enterprises driving the expo are the printing services, and lot of lighting gear.

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