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why do you think it's full? Seem to be 166 entries so far. I have another problem: the pop up claims to be 'preparing for download' for the last hour... Finally canceled thinking I missed a file size / type restriction but don't think so. JPEG at 7MB... any ideas anyone?

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Tutorial was quite helpful and I wonder if anyone can help me with these questions. First let me explain my file system. I have 2 hard drives on my laptop. Drive C has the lightroom (v3.6) with the backup files created when I exit LR. Drive D has all of my raw photos imported from the camera. The external drives are used for saving all of my photos from drive D (done by copy / paste periodically).
Here's my question: When I open LR and a file on drive D I'll change ratings or tweak the photo in Library or Develop mode and exit LR. I know that the changes are backed up on drive C. How do I apply the changes to the same photo on the external drive? Let's say my drive D crashed and I lost my photos - the photos are copied to an external drive so no problem except that any changes made were 'backed up' to drive C. How can I relate changes 'backed up' on drive C to the saved photos on the ext. drive?

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