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StefanW: Of course they can't disclose their roadmap and because of culture aspects and not loosing their face they can't confirm they had done anything wrong in the past and would do it differently if they would start all over again.

Even though I typically expect these kind of political answers that don't say anything I am surprised that most of the answers are even more extreme as they sound like Nikon don't need to do much development in the future because their current products match already everything the customers might demand.

Maybe Nikon meets the customer demand of the Japanese market, but looking at the overall declining sales of Nikon, maybe Nikon should rethink their answers ... actually rather rethink their strategy.

These are the people that should be kicked out ASAP.
A Day when the Nikon will sink just like the Kodak these are the people that have let it to happen.
Pathetic answer. No vision. Not offer the products that the customers are asking for. Continuous QC problems after problems... Snake oil products. Overpriced stuffs...

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The 2nd pictures is easy the best from a (composition) photography point of view IMHO.
The 1st make little sense in an astronomy competition...

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For DX Kits, the single best len out of there is for sure the tokina 11-16 F/2.8 by far.
It's very sharp even wide-open, the vignetting is a problem only at 11-12, but you can easy correct it after; and the corner sharpness isn't a big deal in the night with a moving target.
For long exposure the difference between F/2.8 Vs F/4 is huge, it cost you 10-15 secs (you really want keep the time under 15 sec) or a step up from at least 800-1600 ISO with more noise less dynamic range.

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