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Ashley Pomeroy: I sincerely hope it turns out well. I suspect it'll end up like the Wankel Rotary Engine - a niche thing, with fans - but it's nice to have a bit of diversity. I can remember when the possibilities of digital imaging seemed endless, but over time the technology seems to have homogenised, with most of the effort going into the packaging; if this could be made to shoot video the results would be beautiful.

Although I worry that the technology is too complicated to add to an existing imaging system, as a kind of added ingredient, and conversely too esoteric to capture a mass market. I wonder if it could be built into lenses, so that e.g. you could stick a 70-200mm f/2.0 Selective Focus lens on your Canon, or what-have-you?

This is a camera enthusiasts site. Most users here aren't the target group and won't get the appeal of it. This is a Facebook camera for Facebook people. If it catches on, these people will be rolling in it. Megapixels just don't enter the equation at all: it's all about if the product is 'hip' or not.

And having to focus after the fact? Nah, there's no reason to believe that it doesn't autofocus just as well (or much better) than a regular P&S.

I may be wrong but I think the reason why the pictures are hosted on their site is because it's their servers chugging away with the convolution data. Even if the pictures were viewable on a desktop, a smartphone probably wouldn't be happy with the processing.

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