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It remindes me the cassette, or the game cartridge of Nintendo....

What an idiotic idea, replace a MENU, a switch or a RemoteMenu controllable via Bluetooth from your smartphone, with a piece of useless hardware.

REVERSE engineering :-) with the meaning they go against common sense.

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I can't believe those images are taken with a 3 lens design in 3 group design, ok they are not in high resolution but the portrait of the beautiful model... seems to high quality to be a 3 lens 3 groups. No aberration, no diffraction on the details, ...

In the website they state photo taken with the PROTOTYPE of the lens, that means nothing, I could say I take a TESSAR or a Nikkor and remove some lens and I try to get a similar results.

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On article This $31 lens will turn any room into a camera obscura (70 comments in total)

Does not seems to me so expensive.. can you find one much cheaper easily?

Problem is FOCUS and focal lenght, you need minimum 2, 3 meter for a room. (+0.5, 0.3 )
A cheap alternative is positive a FRESNEL lens, but not easy to find more than 50cm focal lenght (+2), and they cost around 10 dollars.

Old telescope lens can be used, and you can play with positive+negative elements to have a very long focal lenght.

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On article This $31 lens will turn any room into a camera obscura (70 comments in total)
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runbei99: Correct Italian name is camera oscura. Much more elegant than the bastardized obscura. Of course, nobody cares, just like they don't care that Hass avocados are actually Haas avocados. (Sorry, the editor never sleeps.)

I confirm, obscura is LATIN oscura is ITALIAN.

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A joke? 550 dollars for a f/8 35mm simil-tessar fixed focus with no aperture?

Take an enlarger lens you get the same, or lens from a disposable camera or a very old film camera. No focus helicoid, No aperture mechanism... and at f/8 whatever piece of glass takes acceptable "street" picture...

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CreeDo: Is my math wrong?

35mm @ f/8 = 5.2 meters minimum focusing distance, not 3 meters.

It was already kinda lame even if it worked as advertised, but I don't think it does. Either the stuff at 3m or the stuff in the distance will be soft.

For the money I'd rather have a 35mm that lets me have the freedom to do this, nevermind background blur and low-light shooting.

You are right, they have probably focused not at the hyperfocal but at 5.5 or 6 meters, so they get 3m and... some km behind, but not infinite.

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Interesting opition but I agree it's optical acrobatics.
You add Tilt a shift but you loose wide angle area with 1.5x multiplication,
So suppose you start from a superwide 14mm Nikkor ... you get a 20mm shift, and both canon and nikon have TS lens ... that also TILT not only shift.

After years of 28mm PC Lens and lot of Large Format camera, I am convinced that if you do not need a tilt, cropping a 18mm is much better and faster.

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On article Nikon announces development of flagship D5 DSLR (442 comments in total)
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dwng: No details about any of the product or specifics of improvements. All it tells me is that Nikon wants us not to give up on it, to believe that they are doing something, no there is nothing there yet and we are not even close, but please be patient with us. We will have a new body, a new wireless module and a new flash out eventually, one day.

In fact, it is really disappointing to think an external wireless unit is still the way of life this day and age. How many cameras have wireless unit built in? Why does a pro need to plug in external unit just to be able to transfer work immediately off the camera to a computer. Am I the only one who wants to be able to do that, and may be to transfer pics immediately to my cell phone?

Good point!
I totally agree, a PRO dslr camera should have all the possible connectivity functions available, WiFi, Blue-tooth... to be as flexible as possible without external accessories. Why a 80$ mobile can directly post on facebook and not a D4?

Same for built in integrated flash, (for emergency situation I used many times the built in flash in D700, why It should not be there on D4?)

I will add controls to get per channel curve settings on camera. Can't see why a compact can make "instangram cross processing style jpg" on camera... and not a pro.

Use case: Have you ever shoot 400 photos in clubs/party/disco and have the need to immediately process and post almost live on facebook? I can do with a mobile easily, almost impossible with flagship camera.

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On article iPhone video enhanced by rolling shutter effect (92 comments in total)

All bad camera, like webcams, have this problem, nothing special in my opinion.

Another nice effect is to shoot a CRT screen with fast shutter speed (any camera can do this) and see only a small portion of the image in the screen, the rest is black.

It is the classical STROBOSCOPE problem....

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