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On photo The Great Blue Heron in the A Big Year - birds challenge (12 comments in total)

I shot video of a green heron (much smaller than a blue heron) swallowing a frog I never would have thought he could get down!

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On article Submit your best shots of 2016! (79 comments in total)
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sh10453: OK wait ... Where is Jessica's app? I better go read it because I initially skipped it.
Just kidding, Allison!
Great parachute image by the way.

I looked at the "Things" category, and I don't know why it is full of birds and animals images.
As far as my little brain knows, animals and birds are NOT "Things".

Well, birds aren't "people" or "places," so that leaves "things" as the only possible category for them.

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On article Adobe Camera Raw 9.5 introduces new color scheme (128 comments in total)
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Rockaw: The new interface stinks. It's changed simply for the sake of change. The gray on gray color scheme is difficult to see, there is much less contrast than before, and it's much less obvious where to click for layers, masks, tools, and text fields.

How is this possibly progress?

I notice if I open a raw file by through Photoshop using File > Open it comes up with the old interface. The old interface also comes up if I double click on the thumbnail of the raw file. However, if I browse to a raw file in Bridge and open it by using the little aperture icon, or right click and choose "Open in Camera Raw" I get the new interface.

Until and unless they change this, it appears both the old and new interfaces are available depending on how you open the raw files. The best of both worlds.

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On photo Crocodile Feeder-8791 in the -Dumb Ways 2 Die- (Full Colours Only + Border ) challenge (9 comments in total)

It appears he's missing his left arm. I wonder how that could have happened?!?

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McCurry used a digital camera BEFORE he clicked the shutter on that last role of Kodachrome: “I wanted that reinforcement, to be able to see it on a two-dimensional screen...” – Steve McCurry, National Geographic photographer, on shooting the last roll of Kodachrome film produced by Kodak, during which time he took each photograph first with a digital camera. From Shutterbug Magazine, October 2011: “McCurry took no chances shooting the last roll of Kodachrome. To make sure he had exactly the right moment for each photo, in focus and at the right exposure, he first used a digital camera.”

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On photo Wheels in the Wheels challenge (14 comments in total)

Great perspective, perfect focus and depth of field, nice subtle colors... just a great photograph. Congratulations.

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I hate companies forcing people to use Facebook to participate in a program.

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