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  • I have very old Tamron 18-300mm, works on M50 using adapter. Even face and eye tracking works.  But lens is so heavy, whole combination Camera+adapter+lens  is very hard to hold.
  • I am still using 220EX. 2-3 sec recycle time.

  • I brought M50 because of  "Face and Eye Tracking.", "Silent shutter shooting", "Fully articulated screen", "Black Friday Deal"!!!. Silent shooting is very limited. But you have at least option. One ...
  • Sorry for the typo. Mirrored APS-C Cameras will be extinct in 5 years or so. I wrote " My guess is EF-S camera will be extinct in 5 years that need mirror. "  I meant to say mirrored APS-C cameras.
  • Sent camera today for service. Tried very hard to get service under warranty, but I have to pay $50 and shipping.

  • I am now proud owner of Canon M50. I also like Sony A6500 but cannot pay 1.5K. I dont do much video , has couple of old Canon Lens , M50 works for me. Very light, compact. Only complain is sensor...

  • Mirror less is future. Sony is leading the innovation. Also with mirror less compact camera they can compete with iPhone and cell phone camera.  They can place more electronics in the camera.  I ...
  • How to Test Your Lens
  • Check this you tube video.
  • Just FYI. From Canon site. 149 AF points in M50 are available for certain lenses only. No information for the lenses you will use on adapter.

    And, when this enlarged AF area is available,...

  • Canon EOS M50. I brought this camera from BHP. I think they still running a deal for this. Camera + lense + adapter + SD Card + bag = $643.00. If you are not a 4K shooter and you can tolerate full...

  • M50 as per Canon's site, has silent shooting mode. Why it is not in...

  • Somewhere in a review in a site I read : The Sony is the girl you date for fun and good times until you find something better, while a DSLR is the woman you marry for a lifetime of serious...

  • What about Control ring.

  • After reading "Canon's engineers talk", I feel that very soon, may be within a year "Canon R Mark II" will be in the market. This one will be discontinued. As they did with 6D and 6D II.

  • If you don't like loud Shutter Sound, you will regret to buy Pentax. Even their lens makes creepy sound. I was Pentax user for 5 years.

  • I had Pentax K-30 for last 5 years. I brought for weather sealing and its real. But their shutter sound is very awful. AF is good in center only.

  • I don't think so. Canon is most expensive. If you compare body only. Sony A7III and Nikon Z6 same price. Nikon includes charger in the kit, good weather proof. With Sony you have to buy separate...

  • jPatrick , The following is cut and paste from dpreview:

    Fortunately, all of those concerns can likely be addressed via firmware. But something that can't be fixed so easily is the lack of...

  • I am Canon and Pentax user. I felt that Canon always expensive and always miss something. Considering a FF mirror less cameras to replace old DSLRs.
    In Canon EOS R I see following drawbacks

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