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  • The outcome is nice to look at, but why did you shoot at f2.8 and not smaller aperture? ISO 1600 is a bit high for a GR if you ask me, the brighter sections with trees are not sharp enough due to that.
  • Fantastic, composition, light, framing. Did you shot this handheld or a tripod? Simply incredible, check he plates above the doors in the back, even zoomed you can still read whatis written on it.
  • People who never used Ricoh will never understand what these cameras can do. You don't work with a Ricoh to make pics, a Ricoh pulls you out of your seat to explore its wonderfull capabilities ...
  • I understand he sterile as too perfect. The earlier generations seem to have a characteristic gritty output. The B/W or High B/W output is simply different, impossible to copy by changing settings. ...
  • Indeed fantastic pictures. I owned a CX3 years ago, that camera also has that strange power to make you go out and make pics, although the IQ was rubbish. It created somehow magical pics. I sold it ...
  • Nice, love pic 1, mayeb crop of the top of the picture and leave the dunes only to increase the magic a bit. The pic of the people at iso 800 prooves the IQ of the GR is rubbish at these ISO's.
  • Hi Kowalski, a post with your name , i must see that as you make great pics. The macro's are impressive, but, by nature, this is what a Ricoh does automatically... Therefor the last one i like the ...
  • The new Canon G1 X M3 does come close now. The price tag is too high for the camera i fear, But its clear the enthousiast market now moved to APSC completely.
  • Wow, many great pic shere, have to check this again later tonight. Colors, perspective, nice, keep'em coming please. Don't mind you name them grandma pics, this quality and diversity, speaks for ...
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    The dog is great, the rest seem to have a bit to much  HDR imho. Thanks for sharing
  • Love the last  2 shots, the bridge comes third.
  • If Ricoh does not bring a GR to the market this year, close your business guys. Sensor technology is evolving so fast, by mid next year, there will be sensors outclassing APSC optics. Just like ...
  • Hi Jeff, i get the clue of the discussion, i just try to open up that discussion y another view; tech is going so fast that APSC might be overtaken sooner than we expect. Yes new tech will also be ...
  • Cellphone picture technology is moving faster than i anticipated. PxS does not sell anymore, the new generation phones with dual lenses now aims at the Bokeh of APSC. Yesterday , a new depth ...
  • Djesus Birdseed, my heart stopped! Don't do that to old people, i thought you where for real.
  • I think we need a bar to sit at, with a large pint of beer, to discuss this.... Everybody is right. I love everybodies comment, good or bad. I for one, lean towards the feelin gof a picture, not ...
  • The X 70 sample gallery has real nice pics, colors and tones which i like.
  • Sorry to see what has become of the Ricoh forum.
  • ok, back to the OP; where is the GR III please?
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