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  • Yes, that is exactly the same thought i had a decade ago about Ricohs, till i bought one,

    i have an Iphone 12, no idea if that thing has a high rating for camera performance, no way comparable to...

  • OMG excitment, when will they start shipping it?
  • Love the series, food on a stick? IS this for real? Is this something specific for this carnival or fair or is this something you see in daily life also?
  • Stop sharing these kind of pics, this is exactly the type of pics that make me want to have a GR. Love it. The first picture i made with a Ricoh, was  BxW inside the house of shadows of a window, i ...
  • Replied in Lawn mower
    lucky you had a camera. 19 BSP; 19 Break Sheep Power
  • OMG great pics. This is eaxctly whati expect from a Ricoh, you open the box and shoot a few pics and than you get this, had the same experience years ago. And the good thing is that it only gets better
  • The question is not which one is better, this is about optics competing with software. At this moment, optics are still far better, but give it a year or 2 max 3 and SW is better.You do not need a...

  • tried this on the CX6, might have to ask what wood his table was...did not work
  • I have tried in on CX 6 sets, so not a GR. My advise; don't do it unless you are a watchmaker. Disassembly is extremely difficult, everything fits like a glove and has been in that position for ...
  • yep i think thats how they do it. The lenssystem is so sharp, the image sensor has so many poixel, that you still have a decent pixelcount even on crop 50. This is not truly the same as ditial ...
  • Congrats Darryl, its not only the tool you use. I am down to my last CX unfortunatly, The IQ (I had a cx3 and 3 x a cx6) of each individual set is very different. One CX6 was extremely sharp, the ...
  • hmm, maybe this is a replacement for my belovered CX6. I fear the CX range is simply to old now to keep working, i am now at nr 4 who is having signs of near death.
  • Well those are Japanse sales nrs. Outside of Japan, everybody speaks of niche market when adressing the GR. So april 2021 sales is headed by a  2018 apsc, who tops  1" cameras of  2014/2012/2019/2017.
  • Replied in Sea Pink?
    Armeria Maritima Splendens Love the poppy colors of the first picture
  • Congrats and welcome back. you convinced yourself to get passed the issue with the MOD, to come back to this forum, to buy a GR. By doing so, you have proven to be the greater person. So first of ...
  • Me like it thanks for sharing
  • Do switch the top rotatry mode dial, set it to each psition and do a start up on each position. Hopefully one of the postions will start the screen and allows you to go into menu's. Worked for me once.
  • Replied in Devastation...
    Ok, Money is not  a good reason a road is, or a fire barrier, or a feeding zone for wildlife. The forrest seems large enough, why start cutting donw trees in an area which is clearly difficult to ...
  • Replied in Devastation...
    Aargh, mine bleeds with yours, lets hope they had a good reason to do this.
  • Love them both, nr 1 ; maybe remove the greens on the left side? nr 2 ; very dramatic skies Thanks for sharing
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