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On article EXIF tracking services help find missing cameras (77 comments in total)
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sfpeter: A few random thoughts:

Doesn't do much good for those of us who shoot raw.

Enabling a remote shutdown of the camera may be a bad idea; if the thief suddenly has it stop working they really would only be caught if they took it to a dealer and the dealer scanned and reported the serial number. Otherwise most thieves with a "free" camera would likely just junk it.

A built in GPS in the camera body (which can be used for photo location anyways) that can be triggered remotely seems the best option. Register when you buy it, call the manufacturer to report it stolen, camera is located. Much better than using pictures that were taken weeks or months ago, and trying to tie those to a person who may no longer have the camera.

>Register when you buy it, call the manufacturer to report it
>stolen, camera is located.

How does the camera get located? GPS doesn't work like some kind of magic homing beacon - all it means is that camera can figure out where it is.

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