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EM1 Mk 2 Launch at Photokina and on Sale October 2016 Micro Four Thirds Talk Apr 26, 2016
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EM-1 with the Black 75mm 1.8 Micro Four Thirds Talk Dec 24, 2013
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How many still waiting on a pre-ordered E-M1? Olympus SLR Talk Dec 8, 2013
New E-M1 + 12-40, first pictures Micro Four Thirds Talk Nov 12, 2013
What is you wish for a new m43 lens? Micro Four Thirds Talk Nov 6, 2013
E-system will live - Olympus is still pushing E-system lens as of today Olympus SLR Talk Oct 18, 2013
Magical lenses for m4/3rds Micro Four Thirds Talk Sep 2, 2013
Two great things about the E-M1. At least for me. Micro Four Thirds Talk Aug 19, 2013
My first wedding with OMD Micro Four Thirds Talk May 29, 2013
Nice to finally see positive review of Oly 17mm 1.8 :) Micro Four Thirds Talk Jan 29, 2013
What will it take to switch to PEN system ? Olympus SLR Talk Aug 19, 2011
Reasons to stay with Olympus SLRs (besides the lenses) Olympus SLR Talk Aug 19, 2011
4/3 Sensor vs bokeh vs lens Olympus SLR Talk Aug 12, 2011
Possibly switching to Canon. Canon EOS-1D / 5D / 6D Talk Jul 16, 2011
Zuiko Digital ED 7-14mm F4.0 ? Olympus SLR Talk Jun 28, 2011
E-5 vs 5Dmk2, putting equivalence into perspective Olympus SLR Talk May 26, 2011
There will be new cameras in E-x and E-xx, according to Olympus SLR Talk Apr 27, 2011
New primes Micro Four Thirds Talk Apr 25, 2011
XZ-1 users... who also had DSLR or LX5 Olympus Compact Camera Talk Apr 9, 2011
Weekend Monochrome - 1-3 April - Post yours! Olympus SLR Talk Apr 7, 2011
Shooting Olympus alongside Canon and Nikon Olympus SLR Talk Apr 2, 2011
Portraits & Macro using the Zuiko Digital ED 50mm F2.0 Macro ... Olympus SLR Talk Mar 23, 2011
Weekend Monochrome - 18-20 March - Post yours! Olympus SLR Talk Mar 20, 2011
Why did you choose the 4/3 format? Micro Four Thirds Talk Mar 6, 2011
Macro Lens Olympus SLR Talk Feb 15, 2011
Should I get a Zuiko 50-200 or wait? Olympus SLR Talk Feb 11, 2011
A little disappointed with the E5 review.. Olympus SLR Talk Feb 6, 2011
Defintion of an Olympus fanboy Olympus SLR Talk Feb 4, 2011
Experience RAW E5? Olympus SLR Talk Feb 3, 2011
Mediamarkt discount Netherlands Olympus SLR Talk Feb 1, 2011
Jumped ship and went for D700, stupid? My thoughts... Olympus SLR Talk Jan 26, 2011
Winter photos - E5 Olympus SLR Talk Jan 25, 2011
E-5 user but want to add kodak sensor body (e-1 vs e-500 vs e-300) Olympus SLR Talk Jan 24, 2011
Should I buy an E-30 or E-5 Olympus SLR Talk Jan 22, 2011
I bought a 7-14mm, and that's why Olympus SLR Talk Jan 12, 2011
5D Mark II to E5?? Olympus SLR Talk Jan 10, 2011
Man's best friend - Post yours please... Olympus SLR Talk Jan 3, 2011
After 1 year of researching for a DSLR camera, why I chose the Olympus E-5 Olympus SLR Talk Dec 22, 2010
Gospel!!! (maybe my last concert with only E-3) Olympus SLR Talk Dec 20, 2010
Manual lenses: colourful fun (IMGS) - Post yours too! Olympus SLR Talk Dec 18, 2010
E5 Close to Midrange Landscape Samples? Olympus SLR Talk Dec 14, 2010
Is shallow DoF hard to achieve in 4/3 system? 4/3 vs. Pentax Olympus SLR Talk Dec 8, 2010
Do Olympus OM Zuiko lenses fit on new Olympus DSLRs? Olympus SLR Talk Dec 6, 2010
Grainy Olympus SLR Talk Dec 5, 2010
E5 or K5 Olympus SLR Talk Dec 5, 2010
When can we expect dpreview on e-5 Olympus SLR Talk Nov 11, 2010