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  • Thank you for your kind words and advice. NOW.......practice, practice, practice. I'm retired for 15 years so I have plenty of time to sit and watch.     Fred
  • I'm taking your advice......traded Sigma 100-400mm for Sigma 150-600mm today. Now I need to practice, practice, practice. When I get it right I'll ask the flash question again.
  • Replied in LR classic CC
    I called Adobe today.......3hrs on phone and still not solved. Adobe will call back?????? Perhaps scrap Adobe LRclassicCC   [credit card]  and go to Canon DPP4.
  • I'm using 430EX2 flash @ ettl on hot shoe with flash extender. Birds are in trees or at the feeder; the weather was sunny on some images but in shadow. Other images on overcast [cloudy] days. I've ...
  • Created question thread Camera & flsh settings
    Hello all, I'm new to bird photography. I just got the Sigma 100-400mm lens and would like to know what settings you use . I've tried 400mm @ f8  Tv 1/4000 sec  flash @ Hi speed sinc all on a ...
  • Thank you Marco, I always read your posts. It would be interesting if Canon did make that 400mm f5.6 mirror lens. I might try one of these, the low price makes it not much of a loss if it's no good.
  • Created discussion thread 300mm & 500mm mirror lens
    Hello all, does anyone have experience with mirror lenses? I just watched some Utube videos and these lenses look impressive fore their price, weight & size. I have the Sigma 100-400mm lens which ...
  • Created question thread LR classic CC
    Hello all; could someone please help? I have the above version of LR. When I import images from my SD card to LR...... no problem; but asap I try to do anything to the images I get a message..[ LR ...
  • Thank you for your help; I did Google and you are correct. The blue did confuse me . I'm new to bird photography and lack experience.
  • Thank you; but the image in the field guide [female] is clearly brown and description said metallic green- black body for male with coffee brown head. My image has a blue body. Are you sure this ...
  • Created question thread Bird
    Hello people, new to this site. Would someone please help identify this bird. I looked in Audubon bird guide but no luck. Thank you for your help.     Fred
  • Go to.......   Ishoot professional photgraphic equipment......look at  quick release plates. I've purtchased many items from this seller and am satisfied with their products.
  • Read 2nd post from "NOBUCHIKA" scroll down and watch video. 1st post gives info how to hook up charger. Can't help you more than this.   Fred
  • Follow all threads on this subject and you will also see the link to the video. I've ordered all parts from Amazon. There is a demo how to hook up the charger to the camera. Yes all fits & works; ...
  • Thank you all for your input. I think that I will go with a combination of power bank & Wasabi batteries. Being tethered to a device is probable not the best solution.
  • Thank you for the info. I have the ac adapter ACK - E17 but I'm tethered to the AC outlet. I want to be portable. I've watched the video; this is exactly what I need. The battery bank has a 5volt ...
  • Created question thread portable battery pack
    Hello all, I'm planning a cross Canada rail trip this summer. I see on Amazon and Ebay  12v batteries @ reasonable $$. Has anyone tried to adapt this to their EOS M's? Is this a better solution ...
  • Hello people, I just received the Sigma 100-400mm lens. I too was interested in a tripod collar. I read through all items in this thread and used ideas from here. I've modified some items. ...
  • Hello, I was in the back yard today and played with the Sig 100-400mm lens. Took imgs. @ 100mm & 400mm; max focus at both ends; A & M focus  hand held and monopod. Did aprox. 200imgs. Only a few ...
  • I went out this morning near Mission and took some photos. Used the monopod and Sig 100-400mm lens on M3. Shot 47 IMG. @Tv 1/500  Av f6.3 Download to LRclasicCC....not one IMG is in sharp focus. ...
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