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    I just looked again in Audubob Society Field Guide and there are a few similar birds ei. Rufous-sided Tow hee  making I.D. difficult, also many Sparrow like birds. Again thank you all for your help.
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    Thank you all for your input. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia. West coast.
  • Created question thread I.D. bird
    Someone please identify this bird. Thank you
  • Thank you all for your input. I've decided to attach Peack Design loops to a plate attached to the canon adapter. The small rig L plate is great for use on the Anker power bank to give extra long ...
  • I thought that 4 tiny screws on the lens mount are not strong enough to support the  710 grams of the lens. I attached peak design loops to carry the lens. Thank you all for your input.
  • Created question thread EF 70-300mm usm2
    Is it safe to carry this lens [attached to M6ii ] with a neck strap? Thank you all for your advice.
  • Created question thread hot sun ????
    I'm curious!!! If camera & long lens [Sig 150-600mm]  or any lens sitting on tripod in full sun gets quite warm to touch will this damage camera or lens? Thanks all for your input.
  • Created question thread YN 24 EX TTL macro flash
    Hello, would  someone please advise if this would be a good choice for canon eos m 6ii? Would a single flash be a better solution? Thank you for any user comments of this product . I have  EL100, ...
  • Created question thread YN 24EX TTL macro flash
    Hello, has anyone used this flash for macro. Are all functions available for M 6ii? Would this be a good choice or is a single flash diffused be better ? I have EL100, 270EX2 & 430EX2. Any user ...
  • Thank you all for your input and suggestion. I've tried them and tethered works fine, WiFi I'm not so keen on using. Thank all for you help.
  • I use W10  64 bit;  EOS Utility w3.13.10.1. has no list for Utility . I think that I was using the wrong sequence to connect to OES it to work. Still trying WiFi ...
  • Thank you for your advice, I tried this but still not working. I'm really interested in tethered shooting with my PC. When I connect the USB cable to EOS Utility 3 I get this message [camera not ...
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    Thank you I would have never discovered this. All is good.
  • Created question thread histogram
    I can't display histogram in shooting mode on M6ii. Reset all menu items and reselected desired items. Still no display of shooting histogram on camera screen. Histogram is displayed in menus but ...
  • Created discussion thread EOS Utility 2 & 3
    I have M6ii. Installed utility 2&3. When I try to use it "camera not compatible" message displayed. I followed all instructions per operator manual. It doesn't work on my desk top computer. On my ...
  • Thank you for your help; reset as suggested. All is well.
  • Created question thread EF M 18-150mm lens
    Hello all, disregarding all the gloom and  doom about M demise I purchased EF M6ii & efm 18-150 kit. I noticed that the 18-150 lens @ 150mm shows f6.7 or f38. It won't do f6.3 or f40. Is this ...
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