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Photography is a hobby. I also like to do video recording

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  • Created discussion thread Making 720p video fit full 1080p frame
    When I compile a 720p video it plays back with black bars on the top, bottom, left and right of the screen  on my computer and on TV. Is there a way I can compile a 720p video and have it fill a ...
  • Still it is nice to have photos to remind you of people, balances visited and events thst have happened. They can't be replaced
  • Tbd problem is that photos are getting bigger in file size so there is a limit to how many photos you can fit on a DVD.
  • I like your idea thanks Tom. I suspect you keep your third copy of your photos on a external hard drive in a safe.
  • Well at least if the company you use for backups closes or changes you still have your back up on a hard drive. I'm considering all options thanks.
  • I like to be independent as you don't know how long some companies will last. A fireproof safe might be a better option.
  • Cloud seems like a good idea but I have a lot of photos and viddos to upload which could take up at least 2 gigabytes. Might be expensive and take time to upload.
  • Replied in Why?
    The problem is that I take a lot of photos. Too many to burn to CD's or DVD's. The size of photos are getting larger these days so more storage space is needed.
  • Replied in Local + Cloud
    The problem in keeping them on my computer is thst they take up drive space and it might be a long time since I need to access them. That's why I prefer to access them on a external hard drive ...
  • Its more the worry of the hard drive breaking down. I like the idea of a fireproof safe.
  • Created discussion thread How can I keep my photos safe
    I have moved all my photos off the hard drive of my computer and have put them on an external powered backup drive and also on an external portable hard drive. I use the portable hard drive when I ...
  • That sounds like how people are caught on buying cameras they see a camera that has super high zoom range such as 400mm and buy it when not considering the quality of the photos the camera produces. ...
  • Yes I am considering size and weight myself. I also like to have a wider dept of field so more is in focus. A FF camera might be good for certain types of photography where you are in one place ...
  • Replied in Bigger sensor
    It's difficult to know as with his FF camera he might have been using better quality lens. Good to hear you are happier with your FF camera. Brian
  • No I'm not comparing FF to M43, the use different lens anyway. But after reading your reply and that of others it seems that a better quality lens would be a better option. Brian
  • Not a good answer, unless you like to explain your answer. Brian
  • I tend to see it this way...if you connected a cheap microphone to a high quality amplifier than you can't expect good quality sound. Maybe its the same in photography. Brian
  • That's true but with the same skill a good lens can offer improved sharpness and contrast. Brian
  • Not a lot of information in your reply. is A1 a brand of Sony camera? Brian
  • I tend to use zoom lens a lot but it would be nice to have good quality Fixed focal lens for certain types of photography such as flowers, landscape, people, etc. Brian
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