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  • Thinks for the link I was wondering what type of view was used to view this type of 3D image. Brian
  • Thanks for the link Bill. Will this program work with Windows 8.1 (has anyone tried it with this operating system)? Brian
  • I don't think they will ever replace what our eyes see in the real world with 3D devices. Even with one eye closed the brain is able to indicate which objects are closer. Brian
  • The only problem with a VR headset is that you have to keep moving your head and to see behind you then you need to be standing to turn around. VR movies are not likely as you might be looking in ...
  • What I mean is that it becomes popular in peaks as no sooner it's popular than it dies. The biggest break-thru will be to watch 3D on a screen without any glasses Brian
  • I still have a view master but ?I don't think there is any easy way to create those round discs. Brian
  • Created discussion thread Viewer for this type of 3D?
    I've come across 3D photos on the internet with a top bhoto above a bottom photo and was wondering what type of viewer is needed to view this type of 3D This format Photo 1 Photo 2 instead of Photo ...
  • Created discussion thread 3D vision seems to come and go
    I've noticed over the years the 3D vision in the entertainment world has it's moments but they don't last for long. First there was 3D movies using coloured glasses, then later there was 3D blue ...
  • In general if you can warm a photo without changing  what you saw in reality then there's no problem, but if it looks different (after warming up) than what you saw then it can be too much. The ...
  • I had a closer look at the gentleman on the right and it looks like he has some string in his hands and is looking at the string or some other object in his hand. It's a bit of a mystery what he ...
  • The problem with the gentleman on the right is that he is looking down, it would be better if he was looking at the jumper or even looking at something near the jumper. Maybe he got tried of ...
  • Replied in New website
    I don't understand the Dutch language but I like the layout of your photos and the photos themselves. What program did you use to create the layout of your photos? Brian
  • Hi Shaunof99. I liked the smiling faces in your photos; the children seem to be enjoying themselves and is not camera shy. There seems to be a red tint to all of the photos in your gallery. I don't ...
  • Well done as you managed to catch the jumper at the right moment. I like the idea of having patterns painted on the columns so they are more attracted rather than just plain white columns. The two ...
  • A good attempt but the white background needs to be replaces with a single colour. A better way would be to put the background out of focus. I'm often doing this to avoid a distracting background. ...
  • Replied in Frozen Village
    Looks like their was a heavy snow fall. The problem I have with the cat photos is that the cat has his eyes closed. Maybe if you made some noise the cat would open his eyes long enough for a photo. ...
  • I feel that you need to check your results on your cameras monitor after you have taken each photo and adjust the exposure to get a better exposure. The other way is to use the Auto bracket option ...
  • Replied in Baywatch VII
    This one is more interesting than some of the other Baywatch photos that you've posted. Brian
  • Replied in tumblr
    Try this link and read the replies Also you might get more replies if you posted in the Open Talk part of the forums. Brian
  • It would be more interesting if I should see the buildings with the sunrise. If your new this this then I would suggest trying different shutter speeds and after a while your know the best ...
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