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Photography is a hobby. I also like to do video recording

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  • Hi low_iso. Thanks for the link. I like the easy step by step instructions to follow the link. While the instructions is for a Mac version of Adobe Premiere, they should be similar for the Windows ...
  • Thanks for the suggestions Ludvig. In the past when I've put 4::3 video in the timeline that is setup for 16:9 video I get black bars each side of the frame, but your suggestions are worth a try. Brian
  • I'm more relaxed in front of the TV so apart from short videos most of my videos is watched on TV. Thanks for the suggestion. Brian
  • Thanks for showing me the original photo. That's the great thing about digital photography these days is that you can do a tight crop on a subject with out losing too much quality. Brian
  • Created discussion thread Converting 4:3 ratio to 16:9 ratio
    I have an old video digital recorder for recording TV programs. The problem is that it records a 16:9 ratio broadcast program as a squished 4:3 ratio recording. It then depends on a player that ...
  • My my Panasonic G7 camera I'm limited to max of 28M for either MP4 or AVCHD unless I chose 4k which is 100M. I suspect a dedicated video camera would have more options. It seems that AVCHD is ...
  • So mixing 25 fps video with 30 fps video in a video editor should be possible these days with things like frame blending? Brian
  • Replied in Abstract
    Very unusual. Brian
  • I like your photo and the atmosphere that the photo creates. Unusual type of candle light source they are holding, at least the candle won't get blown out by wind. Brian
  • Replied in Goal
    It works with some photos but in this case there's not enough to hold my interest. Out of interest did you remove objects in the photo until you ended up with this look? Brian
  • Replied in Sleepy
    I' trying to see how the title fits in with the photo, maybe the plant makes you feel sleepy. I'm not certain what the blue object is bit it seems to dominate the photo as the plant in the ...
  • Good set of photos. I wonder how many hours went into creating that Lego building. The main problem with this type of photography is in keeping everything in focus, apart from the last photo you've ...
  • Replied in Japanese maple
    The more attractive part of the tree is mid way down in the photo. Perhaps cropping out the a bit of the upper and lower part of the photo would help. Good subject for a photo. Brian
  • Replied in Fallen
    The first thing that comes to mind, is the leave falling or resting on something as the background seems to be isolated from the leaf. Brian
  • Replied in Blue eyes
    Not certain why you titled this 'blue eyes' when the eyes are green in the photo. Brian
  • You did a good job on cropping out the father as I would never had known about another person in the photo. Good to see happy smiling children...good photo. Brian
  • Very usual which is good to see now and then. Brian
  • Replied in Green
    I feel it would help if you gave a short description of your photo. It looks like a plant. Brian
  • I always enjoy looking at something different. I've never known a bird to catch a bee in it's beak, It must kill the bee before eating it to avoid being sting. Either that or it found the bee ...
  • Good thing that you were not closer to the building as apart from a wet camera the wave could have caught you and taken you for a drive. You did well in catching the moment. Brian
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