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Photography is a hobby. I also like to do video recording

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  • I normally like to photograph objects up close in museums but lately I've noticed that wide shots have been more appealing. I don't know why this is. Suggestions why? Here's an example wide shot Cl ...
  • Thanks GiM for the useful information. I tried creating a short test srt file and it worked for a MKV video but not for a MP4 video. I was using the VLC video player. If you say it works for MP4 ...
  • I recently brought the Panasonic G7 camera and it is good at recording videos. You can attach a external mic, it has a sound level indicator display and you can adjust the sound level. It does not ...
  • That has two meanings Ed. 1. You decide if you want to go naked or not. 2. You decide who should go naked and who should not go naked. if option 2 then how do you decide which person should cover up? ...
  • From memory there was a version of this recorder that could record in surround sound with four mics. A person from the video club showed me. Brian
  • I also have a Roland R05 recorder and can recommend this recorder. It has a very long battery life and has a range of types of recordings. I've used it a few times when making a movie with actors. ...
  • Snow seems a good subject to record in slow motion. Brian
  • It's difficult to capture falling slow in videos but it seems to work well in slow motion. I liked the scene with the street lights. Brian
  • The problem with putting the GoPro camera on your head is that your not going to get a steady shoot and less your planning on keeping your head perfectly still most of the time. You can't turn ...
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    OK my mistake, I should have added that some photos look better in black and white to add mood etc to the photo. One example would be the Beatles movie 'A hard days night' that was shot in black ...
  • Replied in Old?
    OK I'm listening...tell me what point I'm missing. Brian
  • That can be fun to do. Some cameras have a 'Retro' option to produce a faded image. Brian
  • I disagree for the following reasons: Well photography shops seem to be fulled with customers and salesmen are discussing new cameras with customers. There is a lot of interest in Dpreview forums ...
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    You'd need to be close to the screen as that screen looks small. At those prices only the wealthy could afford a TV and you'd have the neighborhood come over to watch it. Brian
  • If your happy with your Sony a6000 camera then get some zoom lens for it and use it to record in video. If you need higher quality video then you might want to look at 4k video cameras. Some ...
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    Also TV's are cheaper because there is more competition with more manufacturers these days. Brian
  • Out of interest do they have beaches in America were you are allowed to be naked? Brian
  • Great shot of that green creature. I love the fine detail in the photo. Brian
  • Good photos. You have good skills as a photographer. In reading what you wrote I sometimes pick up a camera I used years ago and compared to my older camera notice the many improvements of cameras ...
  • What are the chances of being hit by a train or whatever travels on the tracks? Brian
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