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On article Video Interview: Chuck Westfall of Canon at PPE 2011 (100 comments in total)
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yuyucheu: I'm still didn't know what the 1DX is more progress than 1D or 1Ds or 5D II? Or I just can think 1D X may more price the other modle?

what funny guys your are.
there are millions of profressionals, including me, outside who are making their good living with canon cameras.
the unsatified ones are the forum-geeks, beginners and the kind of "canon 5d does Venice, LA or Cuba" guys. everytime you read that line you exactly know what crap you're gonna get, whining all about at: canon stuff cant AF.

Link | Posted on Nov 12, 2011 at 21:17 UTC
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TaxiDinner: I think it's just a CCTV lens with a wide angle converter stuck to the top of it. Genius though I must say (in the fact that the less-informed will buy it, and SLR Magic will make $$$). Shouldn't cost more than $299 though, but most likely will.


random78 says:
Price is determined by the quality that the lens offeres and not by how it is made. If it is good quality then people will pay the price, if its not good people will not. Hardly matters how they made it.

<<<Not true. Some buy things just because they are handcrafted wonderfully. you just can say: if the buy it, they buy it :-)

ps: Is it really "SLR" magic?

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On article Kodak sells Image Sensor Solutions business (69 comments in total)
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love_them_all: I knew sooner or later they will have to liquidate. Anybody knows if they supply the sensors for the hassy as well?

Kodak KAF-50100 is in Hasselblad H3DII-50 and H4D-40, KAF-37500 in Leica S2

Link | Posted on Nov 8, 2011 at 17:08 UTC
On article Kodak sells Image Sensor Solutions business (69 comments in total)
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Jogger: most likely the mao firm is gonna dice up the sensor business and sell to the highest bidder. that is really the only way to maximise THEIR shareholder value.

should they maximise OTHER people's shareholder value?

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On article Red Digital Cinema releases Scarlet-X (104 comments in total)
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Kevin Sutton: "5K" video is 5120x2700 pixels or 13.8Mp per frame. The Red's 12 RAW frames per second stills is pretty impressive. It also does 4K video at 30 fps in RAW.

The Canon SLR's (current generation) and the Canon video camera only capture MJPEG making editing more difficult.

As a video system, the RED is miles ahead and is in a completely different market space than the Canon's.

this is the future: grab stills from video. epic does 120 fps, each 14 MP raws

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Richard Murdey: 35mm full frame dSLR for movies .. sort of wonder why they bother with the "SLR" part. Just make a selection of EF-mount movie cameras that also happens to take stills.

the epic does 120 fps with 14 MP stills to grab. whether you'll bevlieve it or not, that's the furture of still photography.

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borobudur: Nikon its time to show off ur new stuff right NOW!!

only forum-guys are looking for "killer-specs". 1dx and c300 probably will sell like 5ds, while killer spec nikon d3x and mf get dusty in the stores.

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dgc4rter: I'm sure this is good news for many but I'm a photographer, not a cinematographer. Video has never held any attraction for me and I can't see that it ever will. There are many with the same feeling too and it feels like we're being dumped on the wayside at the moment with so much attention to video technology and hardly any in the development of high MP, high ISO sensor technology for still photography.

The best thing Nikon could do now would be to announce that 36 MP dedicated SLR with better low-light, high ISO performance than the D3s. That's what would get my vote and my money.

you already have got a dslr, i guess. just use it. why caring about the coffee-maker?

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Eugenia LoliQueru: I'm still confused about if it's 4k or not. They say the sensor is 4k, but they also say that it records 1080p in CF cards (at 50 mbps mpeg2). So does this mean that it doesn't record in 4k at all, or that it captures 4k RAW via HD-SDI? This has not been clear by any news outlet so far that's been covering the event.


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MichaelK81: It's odd that this made the front page of dpreview. They certainly don't report on new product releases from RED or Arri or Panavision. Seems odd to report on one brand but not the other. Just because it's from a brand that manufactures DSLRs doesn't really justify it. Canon also makes printers, Nikon makes binoculars and miroscopes, but you certainly don't hear much about those product releases.

it shows a significant trend: canon is badly moving towards cinematography, that's for sure. maybe they know more or are more clever than we are ...

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magneto shot: if canon is replying Red, this means that this camera is the DSLR killer.
Just shoot video and extract any stills from it and u get a hi-res image.

you get no hi-res image.
it only shoots 5 fps stills with 5 MP.
no raw.
scarlet does more for half the price. looser: too expensive for indies, too low-res for hollywood.
interesting but very expensive lenses which will mount on red as well and sell like hot cakes.

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On article Just Posted: In-depth Sony SLT-A77 review (225 comments in total)
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Peter K Burian: I have tested the a77 and it produced GORGEOUS high ISO JPEGs. All you need to do is use the Multi-Frame Noise Reduction feature (accessed via Auto ISO) OR the similar Handheld Twilight Scene mode. (The template form of reviews and comparison photos does not seem to lend itself to a testing of unusual features such as this.)

See one of my ISO 5000 JPEGs at

The camera snaps six photos very quickly. The Bionz processor micro-aligns them to minimize the effect of any camera shake, allowing for sharp shots at surprisingly long exposures. It then composites the six captures into one, discarding most of the noise data for clean photos even at very high ISO. (My ISO ISO 5000 photos resemble those made at ISO 800 without this feature).

The fully-automatic Handheld Twilight Scene mode is identical but overrides are not available when this mode is used; the camera controls all aspects of the image.

- the linked pic is just softened til the noise is gone.
- no uncle bob would ever go deep in the menu to get multi-frame noise reduction et al before shooting. bad layout.
- snaps 6 photos very quickly? that explains the softness and only works within churches, maybe. no wind, no people, nothing moving.

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On article Just Posted: In-depth Sony SLT-A77 review (225 comments in total)
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Iso1975: I think people are forgetting one really important point: BATTERY LIFE!
Only about 500 pictures is nothing!! With my Pentax K10D I get much more than a 1000, and believe me that when shooting a concert or some kind of event, you will easily fill a 16Gb card with more than 900 pictures and keep shooting on a new one (at least I do). I can't imagine going out of batteries in the midle of an important event.
Idreamed about this camera for a long time, but when it came out, the IQ and short battery life were like an anti-climax. What a huge disapointment!

exactly: just playing around with the cam for about 4 hours, trying out this and that, drained the battery completely

Link | Posted on Oct 26, 2011 at 14:12 UTC
On article Just Posted: In-depth Sony SLT-A77 review (225 comments in total)

i had an a77 with 16-55 f2.8 for 1 day:
cheap built, no raw converter at hand --> dull jpgs, noisy. no straight easy handling. always compared to nikon d7000. the nikon is better in nearly every important regard, not to say: it's a brillant cam for the price.
sold it.

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Felipe Rodríguez: I've sold my 1Ds Mark III...

you don't need it for the next 6 months? then you neither need a 1Dx

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kevindar: wow. awesome. wish more Mp, but still awesome. Looks like it has in camera HDR also.

if you need to crop alot, like red carpet shooters, 18 mp without the 1.3.crop is acceptable, but just so

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joshdphoto: Oh gosh, I really hope this is a joke. How is this a replacement to the 1Ds MK3?

I've owned all the 1 series cameras but will definitely not be buying this one. Hmmm... something wrong when you can buy a higher spec Sony with higher MP under $1000 USD. Perhaps an "s" version is in the works - I hope so! High FPS not of much use to studio shooters. I don't even care about DR!

Very doubtful of the claims of files that can be "up-sized". Sure, low noise is great, but if the detail is not there, the detail is not there. I've used a Fuji S2...

Maybe time to switch (back) to Nikon or Mamiya (with Phase One)? Wow! I never thought I would be writing that sentence!

For other photographers who use Canon in a studio environment, I think this will be a big disappointment.

obviousley you are not the main target group for this body.

one can assume, that canon knows how many sports- and weddingshooters are there in town and how this compares to the hi-res-should-be-MF-photogs.

the 1dx will be THE cam for photojournalists, that's for sure.

not so much for sportsshooters. they will lose the 1.3 crop of the former 1D and gain not much in pixels. bold move by canon, hopefully they know what they are doing...

Link | Posted on Oct 18, 2011 at 15:30 UTC

works with Leice special editions, amg special editions, urwerk special editions. will work with sigma as well. you are not the target group, you can't afford it.

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On article Leica M9 comparison shots added to dpreview database (147 comments in total)
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Richard Murdey: For about the same money, you can get a D3x, the SD1, an M9 or a 645D.

If I was ever going to pay that kind of money for a camera, it would be either the 645D or M9.

and you have an internet account instead of writing on paper because your are insecure and want to tell every one?

Link | Posted on Oct 12, 2011 at 11:39 UTC
On article Leica M9 comparison shots added to dpreview database (147 comments in total)

compare Fuji X100 at any iso with leica m9, canon 5d m2, nikon d3s. surprise, surprise

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