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mainger: I have never wanted a camera more!

Same here. It almost hurts.

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scoobysnapstories: he does know that he still gotta have time processing film in the dark room or taking it to cvs etc right?

Do you think he knows he first needs to take the time to take the photos with a film camera? :P

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So bad. Why DPReview? Why?

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IdM photography: I already bought an ELB 1200 AND an ELB 500 TTL... No need for trade shows...

Im tempted by a ELB1200. Not a fan of the adapters I need to use my ELB400s with most of my light modifiers. Only thing is there is still no Fuji HS support :(

How do you like your ELB1200?

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Relaxed: Great. New cameras. Next.

Username checks out :)

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QuarryCat: What they need are potential buyers!
I don't see any chance that Fullframe Mirrorless will become a single norm.
Halfframe (APS-C) will always be smaller, lighter, cheaper and not nessesarily worse than Fullframe.

We and our money will decide and not the japanese Tech-Fabs.

The transition will be more a generational shift. The togs who already have DSLRs will keep buying DSLRs (for the most part), but new togs will pick up mirrorless cameras. Eventually, after many many years the market will have shifted to mirrorless. It won't happen overnight :)

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kirklandpete: I considered Sony mirrorless but eventually went with Nikon because my fading eyesight could not handle the lesser quality of its LED screen. Also the size advantage of Sony is quickly lost when you attach the bigger lenses, in fact it looks quite stupid, a huge lens on a tiny body. Obviously not needing a mirror is a great advantage in design and operation but manufacturers need to make sure the ergonomics of the user interface are not sacrificed to the smaller size.

Fuji has finally gotten the message and the new X-H1 has a sizable grip. Of course the GFX is even larger but that's more out of necessity.

For my A7R3 I had to buy a grip so I could even hold it comfortably.

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Toby43: I ALWAYS ignore the images with Sponsored logo over them.

Not what the story is about :)

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catdaddy: I don’t get it- none of the photographs are on the site unless the photographer uploads them, right? Are the photographers misled by something on the site representing that they will be paid or that the usage requires attribution to the photographer? If so, that is obviously immoral and fraudulent. If not, it seems for all the world that it is a matter of free choice to upload photos to the site, knowing that the photos can be used by anybody without payment or attribution. It’s like volunteering to do charity work and then complaining about not being paid. Since when is the exercise of free choice a bad thing?
Is there something here I missed?

What is slightly misleading is that even if you take a photo you cannot necessarily allow it to be used for commercial purposes if said photo is of a person or a building for instance. This could potentially lead to lawsuits for Unsplash, Crew and the photographer. Other stock sites handle this by model releases and property releases. Unsplash just states in the ToC that the photographer is responsible.

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Androole: Is this the direct analogue of copyright trolling?


1) It is highly unlikely the photographer has a model release of any description, meaning that the image cannot be used for commercial, and only for editorial purposes, putting a pretty hard cap on its monetary value.

2) She posted the image on her own Instagram account. This would seem to suggest that she considers Instagram to be the realm of editorial, rather than commercial images. At the very least, it represents a mixed bag, with strong room for interpretation.

3) Bruno Mars then posted the image, without permission, on his Instagram account. While he does not have the right to post it, since she has no right to use it commercially but posted it to Instagram on her account, doesn't that suggest that Bruno Mars' use is non-commercial, and so the profits made from the image in this context must constitute nil?

Clearly there is room for a judge to find damages. But it seems like the copyright itself is worth little.

@Paul - As Bruno is not Instagram he is not covered by their license.

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On article Sony a7R Mark III review (1253 comments in total)
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Kostasm: 1/13 is the fastest sync speed with strobes for multi-shot..?
Wondering which strobe supports that slow speed sync. I thought 1/125 to 1/250 is the standard for studio strobes.

The pixel shift uses the electronic shutter so you cannot use it with strobes at all.

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Sirandar: You have to wonder what this article has to do with photography.
There is some implication that a photographer did this.

It is incredibly unlikely that this van was left there by anybody who would call themselves a photographer.

If we had real news instead of fake news we would know if the van even had plates (probably not) and if the VIN number was traced, or even if the van was reported stolen. In Canada, out of province people routinely buy old junker vans to travel the west coast to save $$. When they no longer work they are abandoned.

Because being an actual reporter is no longer a viable occupation, there is nobody to "report" these little details.

Maybe it was Obama?

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phoenix15: Wow must better than my Galaxy S6 edge :D

I bet the GFX won't explode unlike a Samsung

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Triplet Perar: As users stated below, something is odd; no true MF look to this. In one image only, like, there was a hint of it, vaguely, because of forced perspective, but overall all is boringly flat and two-dimensional. Don't know what they do exactly, but Hassy and Pentax seem to know how to make a proper digital MF camera, which deliver what is expected from the MF.
Thus far, this Fuji looks just like a giant point and shoot 50 megapickles camera.

Mike999999 - "Only just slightly larger..."

Dude, it is almost twice as large :)

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panchorancho: Can't wait to shoot my cat with this camera!

Instagram will be transformed :)

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On article COOPH reveals new leather accessory collection (37 comments in total)
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Artgenosse: Leather accessories - that sounds like the best choice for the true, hard-boiled camera fetishists!

The whip is coming out next month

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HarrieD7000: Great pictures, very impressive. And although the price of this camera is just out is my league, it looks I could own a Hasselblad in my lifetime.
One body, one lens, just to be able to catch portraits like in these samples is all I want. Great camera!

@badi I shall contact you to sell you mind and I can upgrade to the X3D :)

Link | Posted on Dec 13, 2016 at 15:49 UTC

I shall be waiting by the chimney with bated breath for Santa to arrive...

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MartinDixon: Am I expected to judge the quality of a $13,000 mirrorless medium format camera based on these images? At least 65% of the files are in such terrible light that I can't see anything important. What can I possibly assess from an LCD screen on the web? Please put the camera in the hands of a professional who might actually use this camera on a job. I can't judge anything from these files. They're God awful...

Hopefully, there will be a more thorough review. If you can even call this a review :)

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Betico: Designed in California, but proudly made in China?

Poland actually.

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